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Brief About Awqaf Africa

s AWQAF Africa (also known or referred to as AWQAF) serves all countries of Africa: South, North, West, East, and other territorial geography of the continent including its islands in Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean Seas as well as Caribbea

s AWQAF Africa seeks the causes of suffering, poverty, and Islamophobia and tries to eliminate them under the amiable banner of Islam

s Sheikh Abdulfattah Abu Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D. Damas), a West African Islamic Academic founded AWQAF Africa, of which he’s the first al Amir (i.e. President).  Sheikh Abu Abdullah was studying Postgraduate Degrees in Damascus early 1990’s during when Syria reviewed its national security including immigration control...

s AWQAF Africa is an independent establishment with a firm principle to stay neutral and distance itself from exploitations by politicians, lobies from business prominent, or affiliations with military strugglings.  AWQAF Africa maintains Jihad or Struggling For The Cause of Islam is a faith as well as a duty, and therefore does not champion any struggling other than that of Islam

s Waqf or Habs (i.e. Endowments From al Amir, Members Of ash Shura, And Muslim Donors

Our Editor Is Umm-Abdullah Adelabu Who Is The Director Of This Site With Supervision And Guidance Of Our Sheikh, Sheikh Abu-Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D Damas) - May Allah (s.w.t.) Protect Both Of Them And Their Family / محررتنا أم عبد الله أديلابو مديرة هذا الموقع بإشراف شيخنا الشيخ أبي عبد الله أديلابو و إرشاده - حفظهما الله و حفظ أهلهما -

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Our Sheikh

Our Sheikh Is: Sheikh Abdul-Fattah Abu-Abdullah Taiwo Adelabu (Ph.D. Damas)

Our Sheikh Was Born In: Oshogbo, Capital City Of Osun State, Nigeria

Our Sheikh Studied Islamic Studies, And Arabic In Damascus, Syria, And Achieved, Among Uncountable Blessings Of Allah (s.w.t.) Postgraduate Diploma, Masters Degree, And Ph. D.  To Allah (s.w.t.) Is Praise

Our Sheikh Was A Reseacher In Islamic Studies And Arabic Both In Oxford, Cambridge, As Well As In London

Our Sheikh Studied Under Scholars In Syria, Saudi Arabia And Jordan

More Information About Our Sheikh was founded and operated by AWQAF Africa

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Nature Of is founded and operated by Awqaf Africa.  Like it's founder, sees that the African Muslims communities need an international organization of their own to which they can relate and upon which they can rely 

Protecting, supporting, and/or relieving the Muslims against military oppression are definitely parts of the organization’s duties is an independent establishment with a firm principle to stay neutral and distance itself from exploitations by politicians, lobies from business prominent, or affiliations with military strugglings.  AWQAF Africa maintains Jihad or Struggling For The Cause of Islam is a faith as well as a duty, and therefore does not champion any struggling other than that of Islam 

To uphold the principles, does not register as a beneficiary charity, company, or industry of or under any Law of any country of the world - unless extremely neccessary.  However, respecting and abiding to the laws of all sovereignties of nations are as important as the principles of provided such laws do not contravene or jeopardize its main principle of adhering to the Islamic values, traditions, and laws 

An increasingly important goal of is to help make the continent a better, safer, and fair place for the Muslims to live.  One way the organization works towards this goal is by providing various types of aids for communities and local societies 

AWQAF Africa and also works for individual progress in many fields, including provission of sound education, awarding scholarships, offering interest free loans, helping agricultural development, and projecting Islamic schemes for affordable housings. promotes products and markets of the Muslims. helps to develop natural resources and labour forces of people   

As Muslims in Africa are getting more and more deprived, poorer and poorer, and more and more vulnerable, believes the Muslims of Africa can only help themselves through an international Muslim organization dedicated to their services 

Despite riches of natural resources, future of people in the continent is becoming more and more uncertain.  Millions lay the blames on the European colonizations.  Many Africans find it difficult to forget or forgive the European traders of slavery.  Others realize selfishness, tyranny, mismanagements, and ignorance of their leaders to have plaid significant roles in their long suffering and victimizations 

As a result people of Africa despair in efforts of big international organizations such as the United Nations and - even their own - Africa Union (formerly Organization of Africa Unity or OAU).  Writers remind of all these to be reasons for the Africans despairing in world’s big relief organizations like Red Cross, Oxfam etc.  Ordinary people see the like of International Monetary Fund, The World Heath Organization (WHO), and The World Food Council as just political slogans or big baits by the big nations that they neither trust nor depend upon as they long for a very African reliable body  

The policy of neutrality has huge potentials of making more charitable, more humanitarian, and more effective in its works to make a difference and serve as a very African reliable international organization. avoids membership in some international umbrella organizations that may endanger its neutrality 

Neutrality of is greatly important in order that the international establishment carries out and carries on relieving the like of victims and prisoners of war and providing them with food and shelter as well as finding them new homes, reuniting them with their families, or giving them necessary medical and social supports

AWQAF Africa and does not pay or take and neither does it appeal for or award interests or usury under any circumstances and for any purpose  

There are no approaches to banks for interest based credits or grants.  Interest free facilities are accepted from very few (and almost non-existing) banks that operate under strict provisions of Islamic Banking Codes of Practice 

If the amounts or effects could give diminishes or are affected as a result of these practices and principles, the aims and objectives are, regardless, accomplished., which only depends on solutions in Islamic teachings, does not consider any option outside Islamic Law to maximize effects and performances ©  EsinIslam.Com

Object Of, like it founder AWQAF Africa, is an international organization that works to relieve human suffering amongst the Muslims of Africa - in particular and as a primary objective - and around the world - as necessary.  The aim is projected for all nations of the continent, especially, their Muslim societies where each national society effectuates programmes of 

Relief, human dignity, and spiritual uplift remain main goals of the international body seeks the causes of suffering, poverty, and Islamophobia and tries to eliminate them under the amiable banner of Islam 

Success and failure in works are not allowed to play any negative roles 

Helping all Muslims whatever way or means possible is a defined purpose of against all odds of politics, cultures, tribalism, or nationalism 

Efforts of are employed to aid people of Africa gain their freedom from foreign exploitations.  Better lives for the deprived are not only ultimate aims, but also a message of Islam needing to be propagated and delivered 

Disagreement between nations of Africa and beyond does not prevent the establishment from operating effectively, charitably, and above all according to the teaching of Islam in order to serve the whole Muslim World duly 

Greater cooperation and interrelationship among national societies are promoted, initiated, and commissioned in order to facilitate the Islamic charitable missions in more and more countries without resulting in financial irregularities, troubles, or ill ambitions.  Preservation of Islamic values are fundamental principles

AWQAF Africa and tries to prevent or minimize misery in time of war, peace, plagues, natural disasters, or prosperities, and serve all Muslims regardless of sects, nationalities, or politics 

 Thus, AWQAF Africa, in association and under ownership of awqafafrica, works:

To improve humanitarian relief for the African Muslims

To protect victims of corruptions, mismanagements, lack of social security, diseases, nationalism, tribalism, etc. in the troubled continent

To house the poor and disabled as the continent lacks substantial and sustainable national social services

v   To supply healthy food for the deprived and ordinary Africans

v   To dig wells in villages and towns of Africa

v   To open new and support existing clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals in the near and remote part of Africa

v   To care for widows, vulnerable elderly, and orphans, especially during the conflicts and natural disasters

v   To support victims of natural disasters as well as protect and support victims of deadly diseases such as AIDS

v   To fight against epidemics and their causes in the continent

v   To train and provide basic clinic supports, first aids, and nursing skills to local people of Africa

v   To help make supply and use of medicines available and affordable for the Africans home and abroad

v   To discourage and oppose to any armed troops, military attacks, or use of any weapon against the African Muslims anywhere in the world

 To work toward peace and prosperity for the Muslims in Africa

v   To deliver justice and advocate for equality between the Africans and other ‘races’ as taught by Islam

v   To visit, support, and serve the African sick, frail, elderly, and disabled people home and abroad

v   To maintain the spiritual significance of Islam of the Africans

v   To enlighten the African Muslims home and abroad through the teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah

v   To open new and support existing Muslim education centres for the Africans

v   To build new and support existing schools, colleges, circles, and boards for the African Muslims

v   To build new and support existing centres and mosques in the continent - and beyond

v   To publish and broadcast literatures on Islam and Muslims’ affairs             

v   To carry out general charitable works for relief, peace, development, justice, and betterment of humanity in Africa - and beyond if necessary ©  EsinIslam.Com

Publications & Intellectual Works Of

AWQAF Africa and provides information about its works to members of national societies, activists, volunteers, donors, and - upon request - the public  

Each major association of AWQAF Africa and as well as many of its agencies, issue documents that give a complete account of works done or commissioned

These documents give administrators of ash Shura and national societies information that helps them carry out their duties

AWQAF Africa and also publishes and distributes literatures on Islamic faith - better informing the Africans about how they can attain and maintain everlasting peace and prosperity  

AWQAF Africa and issues many publications of interest and enlightens the public for purposes of propagation, accountability, and efficiencies

Booklets from AWQAF Africa and deal with such subjects as knowledge and faith, health and safety, emergencies and rescues, peace and prosperity, or aids and relieves

Many publications of AWQAF Africa and are available in Arabic, English, and French - and in some cases in African languages

AWQAF Africa and has ad Diwan as office of public information, which is part of secretary services in its administrative city, London

Ad diwan is also responsibile for advising and directing information offices of national societies throughout the continent tasked with providing information about AWQAF Africa and to people in nearby regions ©  EsinIslam.Com

Sources Of Funds Of

s    Waqf or Habs (i.e. Endowments From al Amir, Members Of ash Shura, And Muslim Donors) 

s    Periodical Voluntary Contributions By al Amir and Members Of Ash Shura Of and its founder AWQAF Africa 

s    Periodical Voluntary Contributions By National Societies Of and its founder AWQAF Africa 

s    Individual Donations, Contributions, And Volunteering  Of and its founder AWQAF Africa

s    Non-commercial Profits From Programmes, Schemes, And Assets Of and its founder AWQAF Africa

s    Grants Or/And Donations From Organizations That May Not Jeopardize The Works, Effects, And Principles Of AWQAF Africa 

s    Sponsorship From Or/And Partnership With Organizations That May Not Jeopardize The Works, Effects, And Principles Of and its founder AWQAF Africa 

s    Grants Or/And Donations From Authorities That May Not Endanger The Neutrality Of and its founder AWQAF Africa 

s    Sponsorship From Or/And Partnership With Authorities That May Not Jeopardize The Works, Effects, And Principles Of and its founder AWQAF Africa

Copyright /حقوق النشر 

حررتنا أم عبد الله أديلابو مديرة هذا الموقع بإشراف شيخنا الشيخ أبي عبد الله أديلابو و إرشاده - حفظهما الله و حفظ أهلهما - 

Our Editor And Director Is Umm-Abdullah Adelabu Who Is The Director Of This Site With Supervision And Guidance Of Our Sheikh, Sheikh Abu-Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D Damas) - May Allah (s.w.t.) Protect Both Of Them And Their Family

شيخنا: الشيخ عيد الفتَّاح أبو عبد الله تائوو أديلابو 

Our Sheikh Is: Sheikh Abdul-Fattah Abu-Abdullah Taiwo Adelabu (Ph.D. Damas)

المزيد من المعلومات عن شيخنا 

More Information About Our Sheikh

s Awqaf Africa (also known or referred to as AWQAF) serves all countries of Africa: South, North, West, East, and other territorial geography of the continent including its islands in Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean Seas as well as Caribbea

s Awqaf Africa seeks the causes of suffering, poverty, and Islamophobia and tries to eliminate them under the amiable banner of Islam

s Sheikh Abdulfattah Abu Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D. Damas), a West African Islamic Academic founded Awqaf Africa, of which he’s the first al Amir (i.e. President).  Sheikh Abu Abdullah was studying Postgraduate Degrees in Damascus early 1990’s during when Syria reviewed its national security including immigration control...

s Awqaf Africa is an independent establishment with a firm principle to stay neutral and distance itself from exploitations by politicians, lobbies from business prominent, or affiliations with military strugglings.  Awqaf Africa maintains Jihad or Struggling For The Cause of Islam is a faith as well as a duty, and therefore does not champion any struggling other than that of Islam

s Waqfs [Awqaf] or Habs (i.e. Endowments From al Amir, Members Of ash Shura, And Muslim Donors)


يمكنك إستعمال الوسائل التالية لتراسلنا 

You Can Contact Us Through Following Ways:

واسط#1577; البريد الإلكتروني 

For Email Click Here: Email Awqaf Africa

واسطة صندوق البريد 

By Post: 

The Awqaf

P. O. Box 46044, Maida Vale, London W9 3WN The United Kingdom

واسطة الفاكس :: By Fax: +44 (0) 207 266 2267

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The Arab Contractors 
In Africa Benin || Botswana || Chad || Ghana || Mauritania || Nigeria || Rwanda || Uganda || Equatorial Guinea || Sudan || Cameroon The Arab Contractors entered the African market in 1960, bringing its disciplined management style and unprecedential projects to in 1964.
The Arab Contractors is a recognized leader in the building types important to growing economies, such as in public buildings, roads, bridges, water & sewage, hotels and tunnels, helping projects stay on schedule and on budget, without sacrificing quality. 
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1 Busy Ramadan for Muslim Women
1 Malawi Mosques Champion Self-help Iftar
1 Imperialist Plots To Re-Colonize Sudan: Adjourned As African Union Forced To Realize 
1 Western Media Brutal Attacks Against The Muslims: OIC Awake
1 Life in Gaza "Intolerable", UN Declares 
1 Germans 'Concentration Camp' Against Islam: First Papa Pooo And Next Opera Foul

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azzam badr badraldin bahaaldin bahiyyaldin bahir barakah bashshar basil bassam basim bilal bishr burhan bursuq dawud dharr dhulfiqar diyaaldin duqaq emir amir esam essam fadi fadil fadhl fazl faisal faysal fakhir fakhiri faqih farid fariq faris farraj faruq fath fatin fawwaz fawzi ferran fida firas fouad fudail ghalib ghawth ghayth ghazi ghiyath habib hadi haidar haider hakeem hakim hakem halim hammad hamid hamza hanbal hani hanif harith haroun harun hasan hashim hassan hatim haytham hilal hisham hud hudhayfah humam husain hussein husayn husam husamaldin ibrahim idris ihsan imad imadaldin isa eisa esa isam issam ishaq ismail izzaldin jabbar jabir jafar jalal jalil jaleel jamal jamalaldin jameel jamil jawwad jawhar jibril jihad jubair kadar kedar kadeen kadin khadeer khadir khaliq kamal kameel kamil kareem karim kaseeb kasib kaseem kasim katib khalid khalil khaleel kalil khatib khayraldin khayri khuzaymah kutaiba labib latif luqman lutfi mahdi mahir mahmud maimun majid makin malik mamun 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abdul-hafiz abdul-hakam abdul-hakim abdul-halim abdul-hamid abdul-haqq abdul-hasib abdul-jabbar abdul-jalil abdul-jaleel abdul-karim abdul-khaliq abdul-latif abdul-malik abdul-majid abdul-muizz abdul-mujib abdul-mutaal abdul-muttalib abdul-nasser abdul-nasir abdul-qadir abdul-qahhar abdul-quddus abdul-rafi abdul-rahim abdul-rahman abdul-rashid abdul-rauf abdul-razzaq abdul-sabur abdul-salam abdul-samad abdul-sami abdul-shakur abdul-tawwab abdul-wadud abdul-wahhab abdul-wahid amatul-alim amatul-aliyy amatul-azim amatul-aziz amatul-bari amatul-basit amatul-fattah amatul-ghaffar amatul-ghafur amatul-hadi amatul-hafiz amatul-hakam amatul-hakim amatul-halim amatul-hamid amatul-haqq amatul-hasib amatul-jabbar amatul-jalil amatul-jaleel amatul-karim amatul-khaliq amatul-latif amatul-malik amatul-majid amatul-muizz amatul-mujib amatul-mutaal amatul-muttalib amatul-nasser amatul-nasir amatul-qadir amatul-qahhar amatul-quddus amatul-rafi amatul-rahim amatul-rahman amatul-rashid amatul-rauf amatul-razzaq amatul-sabur amatul-salam amatul-samad amatul-sami amatul-shakur amatul-tawwab amatul-wadud amatul-wahhab amatul-wahid aban abbas abbud abdel abdul abdullah abdulalim abdulaliyy abdulazim abdulaziz abdulbari abdulbasit abdulfattah abdulghaffar abdulghafur abdulhadi abdulhafiz abdulhakam abdulhakim abdulhalim abdulhamid abdulhaqq abdulhasib abduljabbar abduljalil abduljaleel abdulkarim abdulkhaliq abdullatif abdulmalik abdulmajid abdulmuizz abdulmujib abdulmutaal abdulmuttalib abdulnasser abdulnasir abdulqadir abdulqahhar abdulquddus abdulrafi abdulrahim abdulrahman abdulrashid abdulrauf abdulrazzaq abdulsabur abdulsalam abdulsamad abdulsami abdulshakur abdultawwab abdulwadud abdulwahhab abdulwahid abraha abubakr adel adil adham adnan afif ahmad ahmed aqil akram ala aladdin alaaldin ali aliyy alim altair ameer amir amid amin amjad ammar amr anis anwar arfan arif asad asadel ashraf askari asim ata atif awad ayman ayyad ayyub aza azhar azeem azim azzam badr badraldin bahaaldin bahiyyaldin bahir barakah bashshar basil bassam basim bilal bishr burhan bursuq dawud dharr dhulfiqar diyaaldin duqaq emir amir esam essam fadi fadil fadhl fazl faisal faysal fakhir fakhiri faqih farid fariq faris farraj faruq fath fatin fawwaz fawzi ferran fida firas fouad fudail ghalib ghawth ghayth ghazi ghiyath habib hadi haidar haider hakeem hakim hakem halim hammad hamid hamza hanbal hani hanif harith haroun harun hasan hashim hassan hatim haytham hilal hisham hud hudhayfah humam husain hussein husayn husam husamaldin ibrahim idris ihsan imad imadaldin isa eisa esa isam issam ishaq ismail izzaldin jabbar jabir jafar jalal jalil jaleel jamal jamalaldin jameel jamil jawwad jawhar jibril jihad jubair kadar kedar kadeen kadin khadeer khadir khaliq kamal kameel kamil kareem karim kaseeb kasib kaseem kasim katib khalid khalil khaleel kalil khatib khayraldin khayri khuzaymah kutaiba labib latif luqman lutfi mahdi mahir mahmud maimun majid makin malik mamun man mansur marid marzuq mashal masruq masud mazin mikail misbah mohsen muadh muawiyah muayyad mubarak mufid muhammad muhammad muhiyuddin muhsin muhtadi mukarram mujahid mukhtar mundhir munir muntasir murtadi musa musad muslim mustafa mutahhar mutasim mutazz muti muwaffaq muzzammil nabhan nabih nabil nadhir nadim nadeem nadir nail naim naji najib najjar najmaldin nasih nasim nasir nasser nawaf nawfal nazih nazim nuh numair numan nur noor nuraldin nuri qadir qasim qays qudamah qutaiba qutuz rabah rabi radi rafi rafiq raghib raid rais rakin rashad rashid ratib rayhan reda rida ridha ridwan sabih sabir sad sadaqat sadiq sadeeq saeed said safi safialdin safwan sakhi salah salahaldin saleh salih salim salman sameh sami samir samman saqr sariyah sayyid sayf saif seif saifaldin shahid shafiq shakir sharif shihab siddiq siddeeq siraj sufian sufyan subhi suhail suhayl suhayb sulaiman tahir talal talib tamir tamman tarif tariq tawfiq taysir tayyib thabit ubadah ubaida ubaydah ubaid ubayy umar umarah umayr usama usamah utbah uthman wafiq wahab wahid waheed wail wajih wakil waleed walid waliyullah wasim wazir yahyah yaman yaqub yasir yasser yasin yasir yunus yusef yusuf yusuf zafir zahid zahir zaid zain zakariyya zakiyy zubair zuhair zuhayr amatullah amatulalim amatulaliyy amatulazim amatulaziz amatulbari amatulbasit amatulfattah amatulghaffar amatulghafur amatulhadi amatulhafiz amatulhakam amatulhakim amatulhalim amatulhamid amatulhaqq amatulhasib amatuljabbar amatuljalil amatuljaleel amatulkarim amatulkhaliq amatullatif amatulmalik amatulmajid amatulmuizz amatulmujib amatulmutaal amatulmuttalib amatulnasser amatulnasir amatulqadir amatulqahhar amatulquddus amatulrafi amatulrahim amatulrahman amatulrashid amatulrauf amatulrazzaq amatulsabur amatulsalam amatulsamad amatulsami amatulshakur amatultawwab amatulwadud amatulwahhab amatulwahid abida abir ablah abra adara adiba adila adilah adiva afaf afifah afra ahd aidah ain aini aishah aisha ayisha akilah alhena alima alimah aliyyah aludra alzubra amal amala amani amber aminah amineh amirah anan anbar anisah anwar ara arub asima asma atifa atiya azhar azizah azzah badia badra badriyyah bahira banan baraka bariah barika bashirah basimah basmah batul bilqis bushra buthayna buthaynah dahab dalal duha fadilah fadwa faizah falak farah faridah farihah fatima fatimah fatinorfatinah fawziyyah fazia fellah firyal firdaws ghadah ghaliyah ghaniyah ghayda ghusun habibah hadiya hadiyyah hafsah hafthah halah halimah hamidah hana hanan hanifa hanifah haniyyah hasna hayat hayfa hibah hind huda huriyyah husn husniyah ibtihaj ikram ilham iman imtithal inam inas intisar izdihar jala jamilah janan jumanah kalila kamilah karida karimah kawthar khadijah khalidah khayriyyah khulud lama lamis lamya lateefah latifah layla leila lina lubabah luloah lulu madihah maha maisah maizah majidah makarim malak malika manal manar maram mariam maryam masouda mawiyah maymunah may maysa maysun mayyadah mufidah muhjah muminah muna munirah mushirah muslimah nabihah nabilah nada nadidah nadwah nafisah nahlah nailah naima naimah najah najat najibah najiyah najla najwa nashwa nathifa nawal nawar nazahah nazihah nazirah nibal nida nimah nimat nudar nuha numa nur noor qubilah rabab rabiah radeyah radwa rafa rahimah raidah raja rana rand raniyah rasha rashida rawdah rawiyah rayya rida rihana rim rima rukan ruqayyah ruwaydah sabah sabirah safa safiyyah sahar sahlah saidah saihah sakinah salihah salimah salma salwa samah samar sameh samihah samirah samiyah sana sawsan shadha shadiyah shahrazad sharifah siham souadorsuad suha suhailah suhaylah suhaymah suhayr sumayyah sumnah tahirah takiyah talibah tarub thana thara thurayya umayma wafa wafiqah wafiyyah wahibah wajihah walidah warda wardah wordah widad wijdan wisal yaminah yasmin yumn yusra zafirah zahirah zahra zahrah zainab zaynab zakiyyah zaynah zubaidah abdul-alim abdul-aliyy abdul-azim abdul-aziz abdul-bari abdul-basit abdul-fattah abdul-ghaffar abdul-ghafur abdul-hadi abdul-hafiz abdul-hakam abdul-hakim abdul-halim abdul-hamid abdul-haqq abdul-hasib abdul-jabbar abdul-jalil abdul-jaleel abdul-karim abdul-khaliq abdul-latif abdul-malik abdul-majid abdul-muizz abdul-mujib abdul-mutaal abdul-muttalib abdul-nasser abdul-nasir abdul-qadir abdul-qahhar abdul-quddus abdul-rafi abdul-rahim abdul-rahman abdul-rashid abdul-rauf abdul-razzaq abdul-sabur abdul-salam abdul-samad abdul-sami abdul-shakur abdul-tawwab abdul-wadud abdul-wahhab abdul-wahid amatul-alim amatul-aliyy amatul-azim amatul-aziz amatul-bari amatul-basit amatul-fattah amatul-ghaffar amatul-ghafur amatul-hadi amatul-hafiz amatul-hakam amatul-hakim amatul-halim amatul-hamid amatul-haqq amatul-hasib amatul-jabbar amatul-jalil amatul-jaleel amatul-karim amatul-khaliq amatul-latif amatul-malik amatul-majid amatul-muizz amatul-mujib amatul-mutaal amatul-muttalib amatul-nasser amatul-nasir amatul-qadir amatul-qahhar amatul-quddus amatul-rafi amatul-rahim amatul-rahman amatul-rashid amatul-rauf amatul-razzaq amatul-sabur amatul-salam amatul-samad amatul-sami amatul-shakur amatul-tawwab amatul-wadud amatul-wahhab amatul-wahid aban abbas abbud abdel abdul abdullah abdulalim abdulaliyy abdulazim abdulaziz abdulbari abdulbasit abdulfattah abdulghaffar abdulghafur abdulhadi abdulhafiz abdulhakam abdulhakim abdulhalim abdulhamid abdulhaqq abdulhasib abduljabbar abduljalil abduljaleel abdulkarim abdulkhaliq abdullatif abdulmalik abdulmajid abdulmuizz abdulmujib abdulmutaal abdulmuttalib abdulnasser abdulnasir abdulqadir abdulqahhar abdulquddus abdulrafi abdulrahim abdulrahman abdulrashid abdulrauf abdulrazzaq abdulsabur abdulsalam abdulsamad abdulsami abdulshakur abdultawwab abdulwadud abdulwahhab abdulwahid abraha abubakr adel adil adham adnan afif ahmad ahmed aqil akram ala aladdin alaaldin ali aliyy alim altair ameer amir amid amin amjad ammar amr anis anwar arfan arif asad asadel ashraf askari asim ata atif awad ayman ayyad ayyub aza azhar azeem azim azzam badr badraldin bahaaldin bahiyyaldin bahir barakah bashshar basil bassam basim bilal bishr burhan bursuq dawud dharr dhulfiqar diyaaldin duqaq emir amir esam essam fadi fadil fadhl fazl faisal faysal fakhir fakhiri faqih farid fariq faris farraj faruq fath fatin fawwaz fawzi ferran fida firas fouad fudail ghalib ghawth ghayth ghazi ghiyath habib hadi haidar haider hakeem hakim hakem halim hammad hamid hamza hanbal hani hanif harith haroun harun hasan hashim hassan hatim haytham hilal hisham hud hudhayfah humam husain hussein husayn husam husamaldin ibrahim idris ihsan imad imadaldin isa eisa esa isam issam ishaq ismail izzaldin jabbar jabir jafar jalal jalil jaleel jamal jamalaldin jameel jamil jawwad jawhar jibril jihad jubair kadar kedar kadeen kadin khadeer khadir khaliq kamal kameel kamil kareem karim kaseeb kasib kaseem kasim katib khalid khalil khaleel kalil khatib khayraldin khayri khuzaymah kutaiba labib latif luqman lutfi mahdi mahir mahmud maimun majid makin malik mamun man mansur marid marzuq mashal masruq masud mazin mikail misbah mohsen muadh muawiyah muayyad mubarak mufid muhammad muhammad muhiyuddin muhsin muhtadi mukarram mujahid mukhtar mundhir munir muntasir murtadi musa musad muslim mustafa mutahhar mutasim mutazz muti muwaffaq muzzammil nabhan nabih nabil nadhir nadim nadeem nadir nail naim 

¡mira a state in the area of aabai aachen aachener aadil aafrique aahrus aakars aal aalam aalborg aallieh aalst aammana aan aangericht aap aare aargau aarhus aarissy aarohan aaron aartbisschop aasem aatani aatish aba ababa ababio abac abachidze abad abade abadée abaete abagaz abagesera abahai abahama abahuza abaid abaiyir abakoma abal abalangira abali abalo abalovi abambejja abamelek abamelik abamo abamuma aban abana abang abansi abanyawuza abaqa abarca abarkooh abarshi abas abasaa abasama abascal abashi abashidze abasi abassé abathembo abathembu abathembusince abaturab abayie abaynah abayneh abaynesh abaza abba abbai abbas abbasa abbasali abbaseh abbasgholi abbasi abbasia abbasid abbasids abbasov abbasova abbasqulu abbass abbassa abbatucci abbes abbeville abbhantri abbo abbondante abbondi abbotabad abbotsford abbott abbouda abboye abbsqulu abbul abc abd abda abdal abdali abdalla abdallad abdallah abdalor abdanan abdarahmane abdeham abdel abdelaziz abdelhamid abdellatif abdelmajeed abdelouahab abdelrahman abder abderrahman abderrahmane abderrashid abderrazak abdessalam abdi abdicate abdicated abdicates abdidhorn abdidin abdil abdila abdillah abdilliah abdin abdinbeyov abdinbeyova abdine abdingdon abdiya abdoel abdoelmadjid abdol abdolkarim abdolla abdollah abdolmajeed abdon abdorahim abdos abdosamad abdoul abdoulaye abdu abdua abdubakar abduhalli abdul abdül abdulah abdulai abdulali abdulaseez abdulazia abdulaziz abdülaziz abdulbagi abdülbaki abdulbari abdulgadir abdulhakim abdülhalim abdulhamid abdülhamid abdulilah abdulillah abduljabbar abdulkabir abdulkadir abdülkadir abdulkarim abdülkerim abdull abdulla abdullabeyov abdullabeyova abdullah abdullahi abdullai abdullayev abdullayeva abdulmabud abdulmadjid abdulmajid abdülmecid abdulmohsin abdulnabi abdulqadir abdulrachman abdulrahim abdulrahman abdulrakman abdulsamad abdulsamed abdulwahab abdur abdurachim abdurachman abdurahman abduraqim abdurasid abdurrab abdurrahim abdürrahim abdurrahman abdürrahman abdurrahmanzade abdurrakhman abdurrasyid abdusalami abdussamad abdussamed abdüssamed abe abeaokuta abeba abéba abebe abebetch abeche abedah abedi abedin abeer abegaz abejoye abel abélard abelló abemama abena abendblatt abengourou abeno abeokua abeokuta abera abercorn abercromby aberdare aberdeen aberefi aberenke aberenkese aberenkesehene abergavenny aberstwyth abert abessan abetchew abeto abetu abeweela abgan abha abhai abhakara abhasara abhavadi abhay abhaya abhayavongsa abhaysingh abhi abhibhavadi abhidej abhijart abhijit abhimongol abhimukh abhirakdha abhiraya abi abia abichu abid abida abidi abidin abidine abidjan abierta abigail abigboola abiikar abiko abil abillamah abingdon abiodun abiola abir abiru abisagi abish abishevich abiye abiyir abk abkhazi abkhazia abkhazov abla ablah abnel abner abney abo abodofunfun aboe aboin abol abolfath abolfazl abolfzal abolghasem abolhassan abolishion abolqasem abombiri abomey abon abona abonash abonnema abontendom abontendomhene aboofazel abool aboomoosa abootorabifard aboporesa aboq abotorabi abou aboû aboubacar aboubakari aboul abounassr abouré abouve aboved abovementioned aboville abow abra abradehene abraham abrahamic abrahim abrakhanov abrakhanova abramovich abrantes abreque abreu abril abrisqueta abrizah abro abron abrons abs absa absalom abseils absolumert absolut absoluta absolutist absorbtion abstiennent abta abtahi abte abu abuakwa abubakar abubakarov abubakr abubakur abubekr abudu abudulai abugey abuja abukar abukasim abul abulfat abulfath abulfaz abulmallam abulqasim abumbi abuna abunasar abunawar abune abuni aburam aburumaku abusamed abutalib abuturab abuzz abyad abymelikov abyssinia abyssinian acacius academician academicians academie acadia acamapichtli acana acarya accademia accadia acceed acceeded accesssion acceuil acceuilli acción accoder accra accute acebedos acebo aceh acero aceves achabshir achaea achaemenid achaia achaius achala achalawat achan achara acharabarni acharaborn achari acharju acharobol acharya acheaw achebe achery achhaldasji achhara achike achille achima achin achir achirimbi achldorf achmad achmadul achman achmet achnacarry acholi acholonu achraf achram acialcazar acip acloque acm acompagnés açores acosta acoz acqua acquarone acquasparta acquavella acquaviva activtés acton actualidad actualite actuaron actueel acueilli acueillie acumpfiri acww acxitl ada adab adabo adabpour adae adagba adakle adaklu adal adalat adalbert adam adama adamawa adami adamkus adamo adamou adamoua adams adamu adamwork adamyat adana adanan adanay adandaya adandozan adans adanse adansehene adapazari adarpazari adarsha adaruddin adasir adat adatuang adatul adc adcock adda addai addi addington addis addo addu ade adé adebayo adebebe adebimipe adebimpe adebisi adebobajo adebowale adefarati adegbenie adegbola adegoke adegunle adejinmi adejugbe adekola adekunle adel adela adelabu adelah adelaide adélaide adelaïde adélaïde adelantado adele adèle adelegan adeleida adelekan adelfi adelgonda adelheid adelia adelige adelin adeline adels adelsboek adelslexikon adelu adeluola ademiluyi ademola ademuagun aden adenena adeniji adeniran adenle adeoba aderele aderemi adereti aderiani aderin ades adesakin adesanya adesida adesiinan adesiyan adesoji adesoro adesunloye adetifa adetokunbo adetona adetule adewale adewumi adewusi adey adeyele adeyeme adeyemi adeyemo adeyinka adg adh adha adham adhibongse adhiraj adhirajkumar adhirajkumari adhola adhwa adi adia adian adiavitra adib adid adidas adideb adigezalov adigezalova adigun adijaya adika adikali adil adila adilah adile adilgireevitch adimula adinara adinda adingra adingrat adiningrat adio adipati adipurna adisara adisarachatra adisaya adisge aditra aditya adityadom adityavarma adiwijaya adja adjaria adjaye adji adjid adjinakon adjitniwas adjoumani adk adkhanov adl adla adlawan adlerberg adlya adm admassie admassow admaswork admin administrated admir admnistration adn adnan adobihi adoka adolf adolfina adolfo adolph adolphe adolphina adolphus adom adoma adon adonara adoni adonten adontenhene adouvlè adowa adra adrai adran adrar adraskan adriaan adriaenssen adrian adriana adriani adrianus adriatic adriatique adrien adrienne adsl adter adu aduatuca adul aduldej adulgadir adulkit adulyadej adulyakiti adurrahman adusa adusei adwa adwani adwoma adwowa ady adygey adza adzani adzima adzlansha adzofuwuzu aeby aed aef aegean aek aelius aeneas aero aerts aethiops afag afagh afan afandi afanegus afangerem afat afdan afe afede afenegus afere aferin afet afework aff affan affars affendi afffaires afghanistan afgooye afif afife afifi afifuddine afioe afiz afkham afkun afl aflah afliana afo afoan afolabi afomia afon afonja afonso afp afqahi afrah afrar afrasiyab afrewo africa africabrief african africans afrikaanse afrique afriye afriyie afrouz afruz afsaneh afsar afshan afshar afsharid afshartous afshin afsoun aftab aftenposten afterlife aftonbladet afu afua afuan afula afunbiowo afzal afzali afzan afzat aga agabi agada agadez agadir agadja agaev agaeva agahuseinov agahuseinova agahusienov agahusienova agaie agaifo agakishi agalar agalarov agama agamamed agamazon agamirov agamirova agamy agan aganang agang agapetus agarindra agartala agarza agasadih agasi agassou agasuvi agata agatari agatha agathangelos agatharied agathe agayev agayeva agbagwu agbah agbanankin agbanlin agbar agbaru agbau agbedebede agbele agbimuddin agbo agboba agbogbomefia agbogomefia agboka agdam agdash agde agé agean agée agefi agegnehu agen agenais agencja agénor agex agfund agg aggabhag aggiornamenti agh aghanan aghanistan aghassi aghdas aghdass aghdi aghem aghioi aghlabid agiashvili agidi agilal agimuddin agincourt agja agjayyil agk agkthe aglae aglaë agna agnatic agnelli agnes agnès agnese agnez agneza agni agnibilekrou agnieszka agnini agnis agnone agodogbo agoli agona agong agonglo agostinh agostinho agostino agotime agra agrado agram agrandissement agrayodhin agraysi agraz agreda agrelo agrés agri agricola agrippine agu agua aguas aguayo aguero aguiar aguila aguilafuente aguilera aguimuddin aguiño aguirre agung agungs agunlejika agunloko agunloye agunsoye agunu agus agustin agustín agustinus agwa agwaragi agwe agwock agyei agyeim agyekum agyeman agyemang agyey ahad ahado ahadov ahadova ahaggar ahajuddin ahalya ahamad ahamed ahar ahara aharuddin ahau ahed ahenkro ahern ahghar ahi ahid ahilesan ahilya ahir ahl ahlangene ahlefelt ahli ahluwalia ahmad ahmadabad ahmaddayya ahmaddin ahmaddu ahmadi ahmadia ahmadiyya ahmadnagar ahmadou ahmadu ahmadunissa ahmayada ahmed ahmedabad ahmedbek ahmedia ahmedkhanov ahmednagar ahmedov ahmedova ahmet ahn ahnentafel ahniya aho ahogla ahom ahome ahomee ahomene ahoni ahonui ahor ahormey ahosu ahound ahoundov ahoundova ahoussou ahqaf ahrad ahram ahrens ahrlonko ahsa ahsan ahtachay ahtamov ahtamova ahtisaari ahu ahuato ahuazpitzac ahud ahuitzotl ahukai ahukini ahumada ahumela ahvaz ahvenanmaa ahverdi ahwar ahwaz ahzar aiah aibyn aice aicha aïcha aïche aichholz aichi aïchi aïd aidan 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beverley beverly bevilacqua bevolking bewat bexa bexar beya beychevelle beyenna beyhan beyiim beyim beyimaga beyimjan beykent beykishili beyler beylerbey beylerbeyi beyleybey beylik beyoglu beyrouth beyrutlu beyt beyyim beyzade bezabeh bezabehch bezant bezawork bezbednosti bezbez bezborodko bezi bezmi bezmialem bezoumesh bezzubov bezzubova bhaca bhachund bhadakva bhadarachatra bhadarajati bhadarakorn bhadaralada bhadarwa bhadira bhadra bhadranavik bhadrappa bhag bhagalpur bhagat bhagavat bhagdaon bhagli bhagvatsinghji bhagwan bhagwandasji bhagwant bhagwantrao bhagwat bhagwatsinghji bhai bhairam bhairav bhairon bhairsa bhairsalsinghji bhaiswara bhaiya bhajji bhakara bhakdi bhakini bhakra bhaktapur bhal bhalchandrarao bhalia bhalol bhamar bhan bhandevanop bhandha bhanipur bhanj bhanja bhankharji bhannavadi bhanpur bhanu bhanubandhu bhanubandhuwongse bhanudeo bhanuma bhanumati bhanurangsi bhanutej bhanwar bhao bharadaya bharani bharat bharatdharm bharatgarh bharath bharati bharatiya 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blengo blenheim blesois bligh blingoun blixen blobkey blobtable blobwhere blocher blockbusters blog blogue blois blok bloodline bloomberg bloomington bloskberg blouberg blouin blp blücher bluefields bluek blum blumberg blundell blunkett blvd bma bms bmw bna bnanamwari bnau bnei bng bnn boadi boadilla boajibu boakye boalemo boamma boanga boaten boateng boaventura boavida boayae boba bobadilla bobanaro bobangui bobasan bobbili bobe bobetko bobigny bobintura bobitra bobjwale boboa bobonaro bobongan bobor bobrinskoy bocas bocconi boch bochakorn bochum bockarie bockel bocquet bocquillon bocsa boda bodagh bodampaya bodas bodawpaya bodensee bodh bodhikanya bodi bodinat bodman bodo bodokhemidi bodou bodson bodu bodufenvalhugey bodufenvalugey bodugalu bodugalugey bodugey boe boedja boeing boekhandel boeki boël boelan boelongan boena boenoet boer boeselager boetje boeton boettger boetticher boevi boey boga bogaerde bogaievsky boganda bogar bogata bogd bogdan bogdania boghos bogis bogor bogota 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dabtaras dacca dachkov daci dacia dacian dacili dacko dacolo dacre dadah dadama dadasaheb dadasahib dadash dadashev dadasheva dadashi dadechkeliani dadi dadia dadian dadiani dadianov dadie dadipur dado dadoboe dadri dadvisard dae daehan daelangi daeldels daele daemkaengriddhi daeng daepina daera daerah daewon daewoo dafalu dafing dafle daflepur daftar daftarie dafür dag daga dagadu dagangan dagari dagbamba dagbara dagblad dagbladet dagbon dagbong dagdablet dagens dagestan daghestan daghestani daghistani daghter daglish dagman dagmar dagmawi dagomba dagsburg dah daham daharaa daharada dahinten dahirou dahiru dahlan dahm dahme dahomey dahong dahr dahran dahrendorf dahrol dahshur dahuk dahuran dai daï daigo daij daijo daijodaijin daijokan daiju daik daikundi daikuni dailly dailor daimlerchrysler daimyo dain dainagon daing dairoku daisuke daivi dajang dajani dajarat dajo dak daka dakar dakauta dake dakhil daki dakkhin dako dakota dakpa daksabol dakshin dakshina dakshinabahu daksinajar dakwai dal dala dalabih dalad dalaganjan dalai dalaï dalaindu dalair dalal dalam dalarna dalat dalavan dalberg dalecarlia daleel dalek dalel dalem daler dalhousie dali dalil dalila dalindyebo dalip daliwonga daljit dalkatchev dalkeith dallaji dallatu dallemagne dalmak dalmatia dalmatian dalmeny dalmouk dalo dalpat dalshahji dalu daludacula dalueng daluh dalul dalvai dalwigk daly dalzell damad damagaram damaji damala damali damanik damar damara damaraland damaris damascus damasus damat damavand damayanti dambai dambaihene dambala dambar dambarudhar dambatta dambo dambulla damehoods damel damenark damga damghan damian damiàn damianos damianus damiao damien damietta damiette damioa damir damkerng damle dammam damman dammaru damme damodar damot damour dampierre damrong damrongdaj damsing damtew damutenya dana danah danaichatra danakil danardono danderyd dandhinag dandi dandikorheegey danebrog danemak danemark dänemark danematk danes danesh danfassari danfoss dang danh danhome dani danial 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dasman dasna dasnai dasoeha dasopang daspalla daspan dasphan dasrath dass dassa dassanowsky dassata dassault dasse dassjee dassji dasuki daswanathi dat datama datamation datang datar datastream datau datch datche datchew dathinah dati datia datin dato datos datta datu datualam datuk datuks datukships datumanong datunsolang daturia datus dau daud dauda daudi daudputra daudu daugher daugther daula daulah daulat daulatgeldi daulatpur daulatsinghji daulatsinhji daumanu dauphiné daura daut dava davachi davad davalos davao davar davatdarov davatdarova dave davenport daver davi david davidic davidov davidovna davidsard davidson davies davignon davikiarti davila davin davina davis davisakdi davisanta davison davit davood davos davoud davout davud davudov davudova davy davydov daw dawai dawan dawegma dawema dawi dawiah dawie dawit dawla dawlah dawle dawlet dawlya dawng dawood dawoodunnissa dawra daws dawson daxberg daya dayak dayal dayang dayangku dayanu dayeejan dayi dayna dayrell dayton daytona dayunita dazi dbe dcb dcmg dcn dcsm dcvo ddam ddao ddat dde ddien ddoa ddong dds dduc dea deane deanery dearah deathbed deathtoll deauville deb deba débarasser debaratana debaratanasuda debari debauch debbarman debchatra debdavaravadi debe debeltrán debendra debi debia debkamala debnudi debo deborah débordements debra debrah debre debré debrecen debrett debrezen debriddhi debritu debsirindra debsudavadi debsurin debut dec decani decanski decapitated decatur decazes deccan deccanese decedent december decended decentralization decentralized decetia dechen dechenchoeling dechenphodrang dechog decidir deciduous decies decin decize declamation declassified declinaison deco decolonization decorator decoupages decribed dedduang dede dedeyan dedhrota dédicade dedich dedjalagni dedlich dedo dédomagements dédommagements dee deepikaglobal deerfield deergh déès deeshire deeside deetje defa defectors defence defences defendeur defense deffossez defiende defrauded defunct degapahandi dégats degaury degbango degbin degema degenfeld degeoffrey degli degr degremont deguen deguene deh dehaldeborde dehavilland dehesa dehi dehla dehli dehloran dehqan dehra dehradun dehri dei deia deiab deiga deiji dein deir deira deja dejabhivadhana dejachalerm dejavudh dejazmatch dejenie deji dejinle dejis deken dekeuwer deki dekouané del dela delage delamere delannoy delarue delaware delden dele dèle delégué deleitosa deleur delfim delfino delft delgado delhaize delhi deli delia delibes delicias delikhan déliquants delisa delius deliya deljavan dell’instituto della dellara delle delly delmas delmon delocalization deloitte delombera delor deloris delorme delors delphine delranck deltour delume deluola deluxe delyth dem dema demagogues demake demang demba dembelia dembiya demby demean demetrios demetrius demidoff demidov deming demino deminor demirel demissie démissione démissioné demmerle démocracie democraten democratish democratization demokrasi demonaco demong demophilus demung denai denarayanhiti dench denchera dendah dendermonde dendron deneuve deng dengalilo dengat denge dengel dengga dengka dengke dengo denguiade denia denianke denikin denis denise deniz denizot denka denkyira denkyirahene denmark dennehy dennis dennison denoix denpasar dentelin denterghem dentice dentu denunciations denver denys deo deobunder deogarh deogratias deojee deolia deontological deora deori deouty dep deparment departement departements départements depati dépénalisant dépénalisation dependance dependant depictions deplacé déplacements depon deportisto dépot depresión dept depu dera deradun deramore derampten deratdjah derba derbyshire derecho dereje derejo derek derg dergahi dergähi dergahqulu deribate derin derk derma dermatologist dermatology dermech dermot dernbach derogated derogation derol derriks dertad dervis dervish deryal desa desai desalination desally desamparados desan desbassayns descandants descansan descansarán descartes descendientes desclée desconfiaba desde dese desecration deseo desfosses deshalji deshmukh deshpal designatez desiree desirée desmaisières desmiente desnitsky desnuda desous despedida desplaces despotat despotate desrousseaux dess dessa dessalines dessau desseta dessu desta destaviz destéphane destituted destizer destooled destour det detacq detainee detainees détais detan detanan detaq detente dethan dethroned detie detmold détournements detroit detta deuantem deum deuning deurs deus deutsche deutscher deutschlandfunk deutschlands dev deva devabanya devahastin devajaditya devakul devaloy devan devanampiya devaraj devaraja devaraya devawongse dévéavodé deveci devehlu developement developpment devendra deveno devesra devesrawongse devi deviance devidas devija devika devinder devindra devisinghji devisinhji deviti devjee devlet devlethan devletkildeev devolgelsanck devolutions devolve devon devonshire dévoppement devpal devraj devrajsinhji devvadoo devy devyana devyani dewa dewakar dewan dewanini dewar dewas dewata dewi dewillowvale dexia dexter deyoung dezful dgebuadze dgmk dgsm dhaar dhabi dhahabi dhahran dhaidan dhain dhairjendra dhajabongse dhajisaheb dhaka dhala dhaleyka dhamal dhami dhamma dhammasak dhamrong dhamrongriddhi dhan dhanachatra dhanajai dhanajati dhandera dhani dhanichatra dhanoli dhanraj dhanrajji dhanvantsinghji dhanya dhanyavadhana dhanyavong dhaoui dhar dharadilok dharampur dharamsala dharamshala dharanagar dharanindra dharendra dhari dharitri dharma dharmadhiraj dharmaraj dharmaraja dharmarajadhiraja dharmasaraniti dharmasen dharmawongsa dharmendar dharmendra dharmendrasinghji dharmendrasinhji dharnidhar dharpatrao dharrao dharsikhera dhassie dhaulpur dhavaj dhavajchandra dheer dhekiyaal dhenkanal dhiab dhib dhibesra dhibodi dhidaben dhidhachatra dhijaya dhil dhira dhirachatra dhiraj dhiraja dhirajestha dhirakiarti dhirasathaborn dhirathavalya dhiravadhana dhirendra dhiriddhi dhirutama dhitiborn dhitisarn dhitya dhiyab dhiye dhiyege dhms dhnet dhoab dhod dhofar dholan dholpur dhpnb dhragandhra dhrangadhra dhrol dhruv dhufair dhumez dhunaji dhundirao dhuyaybi dhyan dhyang día diacono diadani diadems diadin diagam diaglé diago diah diale dialgar dialysis dian diana dianbagnane diandra diang diaporama diarakoroni diarbekir diario diariyadh diarka diarmid diaro diarra diasamidze diawdine diaye diaz díaz dib diba dibã dibabha dibakesorn dibananda dibanda dibavalya dibeelane diberkati dibhakar dibmontha dibya dibyachalerm dibyachatra dibyalangkarn dibyanibha dibyasamaya dibyashankar dibyasingha dicaprio dichan diciembre dick dickson dida didar diddoh didel didi didieev didier diding didinong didmarton didn didry dié diederik dieev diega diego diehan diem diemo dien dienye diep dierckx dietrich dietrichstein dietz dieula dieulouard dieye diez díez differenciate digadiga digadong digby digendung diggi dighambara dighan digimsa dignitaries dignitary digope digra digvijai digvijay digvijaya digvijaysinhji digvirendrasinhji dihc dihilir dihingia dihiye dihli dihormati dihye dijon dikara dikatisa dikepbeu dikha diki dikko dikongué dikshya dikwa dil dilafruz dilafsa dilaga dilaha dilair dilalpur dilam dilangalan dilangalen dilara dilasa dilasha dilavarjung dilaviz dilavuz dilawar dilazad dilazer dilband dilbar dilberdjihan dilbestan dilbeste dileep dileepsingh dilen dilfirib dilhar dilhasad dilhorne dili dilip dilipsinha dillenburg diller dilli dillon dilly dilnigar dilogo dilok dilor dilpesand dilpesend dilpizir dilqusha dilruba dilshad dilsukh dima dimah dimalani dimani dimas dimasangkay dimbare dimbleby dimbokro dimbu dimethylaniline dimitri dimitrievich dimitrievitch dimitrievna dimitrov dimkiah dimmett dimp dimtsu dimu dimuanwongse dimulia dina dinahala dinajara dinajati dinajpur dinan dinara dinastias dinastie dinato dindar dindawati dindevan dindilimahuti dinesh dingnan dinh dinizulu dinkar dinkoro dinkrit dinkwanyane dinlu dino dinqinesh dinquinesh dinraj dinsdag dinyando dinzulu dio diocesan diocese dioceses diocletian diocletianus diodio diodore diogenes diogo dioha diomedédi dion dionis dionysios dionysius diop dior dios diosdado diouf dioulasso dipang dipangkorn dipankararasmijoti dipati dipatti dipatuan dipendra dipertua dipertuan diphenyl diphteria dipl diplomaten diplomaticv diplomes dipo dipokusuma dipsinhji dir diradja diradjah diraja dirampaten diratdjah diratjah dirdja directo directorate directorio directorships direkkhunabhorn direkriddhi direma dirgen diribate dirima dirk dirma dirman disa disaphong disapprobation disara disbongse discretionary disgression disgressions disho dishthabodi dishye disi disinherited disintegrated disintegration diskul dismantle dismantlement dismembered disminuidos disnadda disney disneyland disomimba disorganized disparagingly dispossessed dispossession disraeli dissan distichous distintegrated districtchief disunited disvarakumarn ditam ditchling ditend dithmarschen ditieu ditlou ditonga ditsaan ditu diu diup diur divabol divakorn divandare divanyolu divehi diversiteit divisional divoda divodurum divonne divorciados divya divyakar divyeshwari diwan diwans diwongso dixing diyab diyalo diyamigili diyar diyarbakir diyath diyathi diyeve diyo dizai dizak dizri dja djabung djadir djadja djafar djaffar djaga djahan djahanbani djahandari djahangir djahanshahi djahansoozi djaiani djailolo djaïlolo djaja djaka djakarta djalal djalali djalaluddin djalil djallon djallori djam djamal djamaluddin djamatka djambakur djambakurian djambe djambi djamboe djambu djamila djamillah djampou djan djandieri djang djanggola djanina djaoelan djaparidze djara djasa djavad djavakhichvili djavakhov djavidan djawa djawad dje djédua djelal djelantik djellaz djem djemil djenanyar djengiz djenine djentera djerba djerem djevanshir djezair djezouli djibouti djiboutibrief djiffar djigla djiguelane djikoma djilal djimé djmk djn djoefri djohan djohar djokupunda djolang djolof djomo djongkong djonkong djontama djonvoum djordjadze djordje djote djottin djougou djoum djoumbe djow djoyo dju djuablin djugashvili djumwamba djunaiddin dkg dkh dkii dklg dklt dkm dkmb dkns dkp dkpg dkr dksa dkt dkyr dlamini dlangeni dlasisile dlse dmanisi dmgt dmitar dmitri dmitry dmk dmkthe dmn dmpn dmsm dna dniepr dniester dns dnzm doa doab doae doaes doaie doan doba döbbelin dobbs dobogon dobrin dobrovolsky dobrzenicz dobrzensky doc docent dockendorf doctorandus documentarie documentos doda dodda dodecanese dodi dodome dodon dodowa doesn dogan dogancilar dogendra dogho dogman dogmatic dogo dogon dogra dogras dogu doh doha dohna dohuk doi doillon doimi dokht doki doko dokpo dokryb doktoranda dokumentasi dolgoroukov dolgorouky dolgoruky dollenstein dolling dolma dolmabahçe dolo dolok dolores doma domagoj domba domecq dömeke domenech domenica domenico dometius domiciled dominee dominga domingas dominggoes dominggus domingo domingos domingue dominguín domingus domini dominic dominica dominican dominicans dominick dominicus dominikus dominique dominis dominus domitila domitilla domitille domljan 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dougou doukchie doukpola doulal doulatsingh doulcet doulougou doumane dounama dounchan doussady doussard douste doutel doutey douvres dovlat dow dowager dowhill dowla dowlah dowlat dowlatgadh dowlati dowlatshah dowlatshahi dowleh downgrade downgraded downlying downshaire downshire doy dpa dpcm dphil dpkg dpkt dpmb dpmj dpmk dpmp dpms dpmt dppj dprd dpsj dpsk dpt dptj dpts dra drachten dracula drago dragoiero drak dramane drangian draskovic draskovitch dravidian dravya drayson dreesen drefelin dreissing dreneau dresde dresden dreuille dreux dreyfus driburg drie driekop drikker drillet drimba driss drivasto drnovsek drogo drohner drom drôme dronero drönner drory droste drottningholm drs drucker drucki drugged druid druk drumlanrig drummond drupad drushby drutskoi drutskoy drutsky druze druzes dryden dsap dsc dsdk dsij dslj dsm dsmt dsmz dsnb dsns dso dsp dspj dspn dssa dssj dssub dst dstj dtitle dtns dua duaij duaïj duako duala duan duang duangdao duangdibyajoti duangkam duany duarta duarte duba dubai dubaï dubal dubale dubane dubbed dube dubi dublin duboirris dubrovnik duca ducagini ducere duch duche duchemin duchese duchessa duchesss duchi duckworth ducléré duco ducruet duda dudaji dudanginski duddingston dudevant dudhaji dudjiamat dudley dueñas duenden duerckheim duero dueze dufestel duff duffau dufferin dufie duga dugario dugum duhaga duhar duibale duiwelskloof dujang duk duka dukedom dukedoms duketown dula dulah dulayil dulaym dulcie dule duleep dulha dulham dulhan duli dulil dulin dulli dulov dulu dulwich duma dumalondong dumani dumar dumas dumba dumbuli dumbuya dumfries dumin dummett dummit dumont dumyat dun duna dunant dunasty duncan duncannon dunconnel dundang dündar dundas dundhar dundlod dundu dundunai dunedin dunenyo dung dungar dungarji dungarpur dunggu dungsiri dungun duni dunjar dunkeld dunkerque dunlop dunmore dunn dunne dunois dunster dunya dunyamin duong duongchan dup dupak dupin dupleix dupn dupont duque duques duquesa durah durán durand durango durante duraprasad durat durazzo durban durbar durbari durbaris durbawa durchlaucht durdana durdane durendrasinhji durero durfort durg durga durgamadhab durgas durgeshwari duri duria durieux düriye durjan durlach dürn durnisa dürniz duro durocorterum durr dürr durra durran durrani durranisa durrant durres durrez durrinisa dürriye dürrüadn dürrühsehvar dürrünev durrunisa dürrüsehvar dürrüyekta duru dusang dusdi dush dushyant dusit dusmet dusni dusseldorf düsseldorf dustbin dusuqi duta dutamma dutch dutchman dutheil dutroux dutse dutthagamani duvalier duve duwa duwish duwur duy duya duyen düzdüdil dvd dvin dvojkriza dvorian dvorianin dvuba dwaben dwabenhene dwarika dwarsriver dwelt dwi dwivedi dwsj dwuansahehene dwuben dyaam dyam dyamani dyambour dyamigily dyck dyle dymm dyn dynastic dynasts dyodyo dyon dyrrachium dysentery dyslexia dyson dytm dzegbladey dzejouli dzeliwe dzhan dzhanet dzhavanshir dzidzikashvili dzindzi dzlindyebo dzong dzulkarnain dzumeri dzunhua eaa eads eaf eajabi 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haldighati halfa halfbrother halfbrothers halfin halfsister halfsisters halgouet hali halib halibut halid halida halidou halidu halieu halifax halijah halil halim halima halimah halimar halimatun halime halimi halimin haliru halis halise halitalo halka halki halla hallaba hallar hallatu hallermund halleux halleybury halliday hallinan halloway hallyday halmahera halonen hälsingland halsum haluk halun halus halvad halytsky hama hamad hamadaddin hamadan hamadani hamadi hamadou hamadu hamahame haman hamandjieu hamangulu hamann hamanns hamanso hamanvu hamao hamard hamas hamawand hamawi hamay hamayat hamba hamborn hambourg hambu hamburg hambye hamda hamdallaha hamdam hamdan hamdi hamdon hamdy hamed hamedan hamedani hameed hamelmal hamen hamengku hamer hamet hamheung hami hamicuuri hamid hamida hamidaddin hamidaddine hamidah hamiddadin hamide hamideh hamidi hamidiye hamidpur hamidu hamidullah hamidun hamila hamilton haminah hamipani hamir hamirji hamirpur hamirsimhji hamirsinghji hamirsinhji hamisha hamisi hamiyyat hamja hamm hammad hammadid hammadou hamman hammans hammarskjöld hammerstein hammou hammu hammud hammudid hamofet hamoir hamoo hamood hamoud hamouda hamoudieh hampi hampshire hampton hamriyah hamsa hamsalaga hamu hamud hamuda hamuji hamza hamzah hamzeh hana hanaa hanabusa hanada hanadi hanafi hanafiah hanahito hanako hanalaa hanamub hanan hanash hanasia hanau hanazono hanbika hanbury hanbutay hancueitl handboek handbuch handelsblatt handeygirigey handeygirin handicrafts handoko handover hane hanedan hanedani haneef hanem haneti hanfareh hanfary hangabehi hangahebi hangchow hanggu hangzhou hanh hani hania haniah hanifa hanim haning hanizah hanizan hanjan hanka hankey hanks hankuk hankuze hanlar hanna hannah hannelore hannibal hanno hannover hanoch hanoi hanoï hanok hanoum hanover hanovre hansa hansakul hanseatic hanshake hansi hanspal hanto hants hanum hanuman hanumant hanut hanuwant hanvant hanwant hanyang hanzade hanzei hao haouz haoz hapa hapai happi hapte hapu haq haqan haqiqat haqitate haqq har hara harabi haragot haralambides harald haraldsen haram harambure haramein harapan harappa harar hararaja haravati harb harbaksh harbans harbhamji harbin harbir harboring harbour harcourt hardan hardayal hardenberg hardenne hardheim hardingham hardouin hardricourt hardwicke hardyal hareb hareeb haremeyn harendra harendrakumarsingh harer harès hareth harewood harfleur harhara harharah harharaya hari haribansa haribhattajibawa harichandan harichandana haridhan harihar harihari hariharrao hariisah harikrushan harim harindar harinderjit haripur hariri haris harisch harischandana harisimhji harisinghji harisinhji harison harithi hariyo harl harlech harlem harley harmatia harmein harmel harmohinder harmon harmsworth harn harnath harneno harnoncourt harold haroonia harouba haroun harpaldevji harpercollins harr harrach harrap harrar harrassment harriett harris harrison harrod harrods harrogate harroy harshad harshavardhana harsin hartenstein harter harthi hartington hartini hartmann harto harub haruhito haruko haruku harun haruna harunori harvard harverson hary haryana haryo haryosudirjo harzer harzir hasa hasan hasana hasanaga hasanali hasanid hasanov hasanova hasanovic hasanuddin hasanudin hasardous hasay hasbaïa hasbaya haseeb hasegawa haseki hashar hashashin hashem hashemi hashemirise hashemite hashemites hashik hashim hashimaga hashimi hashimite hashimites hashimiya hashimoto hashimova hashish hashtari hasim hasin hasjim hasmametov hasmametova hasn hasna hasnah hasnan hasnat hassa hassad hassakan hassan hassanah hassanal hassanali hassanein hassani hassania hassanid hassanuddin hassanzadeh hasselt hassine hassna hasso hastanesi hasyim hatam hatano hatay hatem hatfield hathloul hathorn hati hatice hatier hatiling hatim hatisingh hatoboheit hatra hatsuko hatsuneno hatun hatunoglu hatyaro hatzfeldt hau haubold haucourt haudadat haudramuth haug haulanuiaiakea haumara haura hauran haus hausa hause häuser hauses haushabi hautecombe 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ngebeh ngefak ngekia ngekuhlehletela ngelale ngelehun ngeremlengui ngetelngal ngeun ngevao nggaba nggala nggay nggela nggeo nggeru nggonfesi nghi nghia nghiem ngié ngirachermang ngirachosarech ngiraidid ngirakebou ngiraked ngiraklang ngiratachadong ngiratewid ngirayn ngirchokebai ngirmang ngiwal ngiwizako ngl ngmantambu ngnabum ngnié ngo ngoa ngoai ngobe ngobi ngoc ngodoki ngofa ngofagita ngoga ngokowa ngolgol ngolo ngolotsheni ngoma ngombala ngombe ngombeulambo ngon ngonda ngondo ngondzi ngone ngonefusi ngongang ngonge ngonyama ngoolua ngoong ngora ngori ngoronka ngoryifia ngoryisi ngota ngouayoulou ngouh ngouhoup ngoulloure ngoumbu ngoun ngouopou ngoutoukep ngove ngowahun ngoway ngoy ngoye ngoyo ngqeleni ngqubusini ngqungushe ngu ngubane nguema nguembi nguempio nguesi ngueya ngufor nguli ngulu nguluwala ngum ngungu ngurah nguruve nguti nguwa nguyen nguyet nguzo ngw ngwaketse ngwane ngwanyin ngwato ngwavuma ngwe ngwenyama ngweshe ngwessié ngweyomntwana ngwo ngyembu nhago nham nhan nhat nhek nhi nhiek nhk nhlangan nho nhom nhon nhouy nhu nhuan nhung niaabi niabad nialumakua niamatullah niamenou niamey niamina nian nianamba niang niangolo niao niarchos niavaran niawa nibaddhabongse nibha nibhabarn nibhaborn nibhanobadara nibondha nibure nicaise nicandro nicanor nicaragua nicator nicea nicephorus nicetas nichan nichi nichiren nichola nicholas nicholls nicholson nicklaus nicky niclas nico nicobar nicodemia nicodemus nicola nicolaas nicolaci nicolaev nicolaï nicolaos nicolás nicolàs nicolasa nicolaus nicolay nicolaÿ nicole nicoline nicolò nicolson nicosia nicot nicotera nictheroy nida nidaros nidasanadhorn nidhi nieboer niebuka niebutatire niederländische niegoch niels nielsen niemeir nien niën nieni nientche nieswecki nieswidski nieswiecki nieswiez nietcho nieto nieulant nieuw nieuwburgh nieuwe nieuwegein nieuws nieuwsblad nieves nièvre nigam nigar nigara nigaragua nigaristan nigel niger nigerbrief nigeria nigéria nigeriabrief nigerian nigérian nightclub nigmeddine 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