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Latasha, Ex-Christian, USA

EsinIslam Heralding New Muslims:

A Personal Account Of Revert Muslim:

How she found Islam when amazed by Muslim women's dress.

By Latasha

I am an American who grew up in a strict religious Christian family.  By the time I was 16 I became very devout and religious myself.  The church was like a home away from home.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had read and studied the Bible on a regular basis.  All the while I was noticing many errors in the Bible.  Many conflicting stories.  So I would ask my grandmother or the pastor of the church about it, but would never get a solid answer.

I was told to just brush it off and not worry about these little details that weren't adding up.  So for a time I did.

Later on in my early 20s I was appointed as Youth Pastor at my local church.  It was during this time that my biblical studies had become intense.  The more I studied, the more questions I had.

Due to the lack of answers I was not getting from the church, I decided to enroll into Bible College.  "For sure I would find my answers there," I often thought to myself.  Again, no such luck.

Nothing could ease my mind and so I decided to step down from "Youth Pastor".  I felt I could no longer lead the youth since I was confused and doubting things myself.  I was the one in need of a leader.  My heart was crying out to find some peace in all this confusion.

One night I turned on the TV and happened to flip straight to CNN.  They were reporting straight from Iraq.  Then, there in the background I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was adorned only in black from head to toe.  She was so modest, and to me that made her so beautiful.  I knew that she was a Muslim but I didn't know what the religious beliefs of Muslims were. 

I was more caught up in her clothing attire.  It sparked my interest more than anything.  My heart immediately desired to be like her.  Pious and modest.  So this is where my search began.

I immediately got online and searched "Muslim Woman Dress" & "Muslim Woman Face Veil".  This is when I came across the words "Hijab" and "Niqab".  Wikipedia also referred to the women who wore it as Hijabis or Niqabis. 

These hijabis and niqabis were my newly-found role models.  So I immediately changed all my online nicknames to "hijabi" or "niqabi".  It had not occurred to me to investigate the beliefs of Islam yet.  But it was soon to come….

One afternoon my neighborhood was having a community cookout.  I was sitting next to my closest neighbor and we somehow got on the subject of religion.

He said "You know us Christians will probably be in trouble when we stand before God?"

I just nodded in agreement but not really sure where he was going with this.

He said, "Yeah, you know those Muslims pray 5 times a day faithfully and we Christians can barely make time to pray once a day."

More curiosity sparked!

I immediately excused myself and ran back to my home.  I opened the Computer and began searching the Internet about Muslim beliefs.  I was amazed at their beliefs as it seemed to fit in line with mine.

But I wanted to be sure there were no surprises hidden in their beliefs; you know nothing that was going to throw me for a loop if I choose to convert.

The following weeks I drove to the closest mosque, which happened to be 50 miles away, requesting information.  I searched the Internet  into the wee hours of the morning reading all about Islam. 

After a couple of months of researching and reading, I decided that I want to convert.  I drove back to the mosque and took the Shahadah! A peace entered my heart and soul like never before.  Subhanallah!

Revert Muslims Team

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