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Freedom Flotilla: What The Mujahidun Say About The Ship And The Movement

19 June 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Strange is the case with people!! I can not understand how some of them have plunged into the hallucinations of “International conventions” and fancies of what is called “the human rights organizations” and the lies of what is called the “Laws of the General Assembly”, and another lie that can hardly be believed or borne by the ears and that is the issue of “embarrassing the Jewish authorities” in occupied Palestine!!

What is freedom flotilla!!

On the al Jazeera website it is described as “Freedom Flotilla is a collection of 8 ships forming a joint coalition from the European campaign, and Gaza freedom Movement, and Islamic fund agency in Turkey, along with two campaigns, a Greek and Swedish”

The fleet has around 650 volunteers from more than forty countries including 44 officials, parliamentary and political, European and Arab figures, and from them are 10 Jordanian nobles.

It carries on board about 10000 tons of humanistic aid to the people of Gaza and from it is six thousand tons of steel, and thousand ton of cement. It also has generators and medical equipment and medicines and an amount of food supplies

Three of the fleet started in the morning of Friday 28 May 2010 from the Turkish port of Antalya with the hope that the rest of the ships coming from Greece, Ireland and Algeria will join it. However two ships could not join them due to technical reasons. The caravan was expected to reach the Gaza strip about 10 in the morning of Monday 31/5/2010- 17 Jamadi al akhir 1431H (End Quote).

What did the Jews do!!

Hundreds of navy soldiers attacked –aided by air- the ships of the fleet simultaneously using guns and gases, and killed some of the unarmed in the ship, and they took the rest inside the occupied Palestine –to the Ashdod port- as a preparation to expel them to their countries considering them illegal immigrants, and arresting those who refused to give their identities and signing an agreement not to return.

This is freedom Flotilla, and these are the Jews!!

What has changed!!

What has changed and drew my attention was that the Jews have become less hateful and cruel than earlier, and they treated these ships with a kind of leniency and calmness… perhaps some of you will be astonished at this talk, but it is the truth…

It is known to Muslims that the Jews are from the most coward of people, and the coward is from amongst the most violent of people if they are capable over their opponents and have the benefit of power, so the coward in this situation blows up, and these people in the fleet neared the coasts of Palestine without weapon or military backup, and the Jews had planes and helicopters and military boats and submarines and towers and other kinds of weapons!! What were they expecting from these Jews!!

Maybe some freshening of memory will light for us the way today… the Jews deceived Moses (peace be upon him) and argued with him on great matters and worshipped the cow while their legs had not dried from the split sea yet. Allah changed that generation with another but they entered Palestine and immediately started worshipping idols.

They killed many prophets, and on their head was Yahya son of Zakariya, and they were about to kill Jesus (peace be upon him) had not Allah lifted him up.

They conspired to kill our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when they knew with conviction that he was a Prophet just as they know their own children.

Harsh hearted, stupid, ill mannered, people of deception treachery and evil and disbelief and idolatry, every one who lived with them or neighbored them from the humans in the east and west hated them and tortured them, until Hitler said “I could have killed every Jew in the world but I left some of them to live so that the world knows why I killed the Jews” and George Washington, the founder of America, warned his American nation from letting the Jews enter America and told them, that if they let them enter, then their sons will be servants of the Jews, and it happened…

The French, the Spanish, the English, the Germans, and all the other European nations killed the Jews until they were forced to take refuge with the Islamic State, which welcomed them openheartedly as they were from the people of the Book, and then these Jews worked to topple the Othmani Caliphate as a return for the good…

A nation whose people’s qualities are thus, what did the members of the freedom flotilla expect from them?
If the Turks and the Algerians and the westerners and the Lebanese did not know them, then Sheikh Rai’d Salah knows them well, then what was he doing in this fleet!!
The people who have criticized the Mujahideen for the immersing operations- that is called by some as the martyrdom operations- and name it suicide operations, it is more rightful of them to criticize the idea of such a fleet which is suicide in every sense of the word…

The Jews have put the Muslims in siege since 4 years, and the whole world did not do any thing, do these people think that if the Jews killed them then by their death they will stir a bee?

What do they want?

And who are they pleading?

The thing that is stranger than the movement of this flotilla is, the stance of the Turkish nation!! We were waiting from the Turkish nation more than what we saw. We know that most Arab nations are dead, buried by their rulers in the coffin of poverty and pamper and unemployment and desire and disgrace and exploitation, but the Turkish nation still has drops of honor left as it has not urbanized yet, and the logs haven’t been placed on its back yet, and it still has some of the natural fierceness…

We were waiting for the Jewish embassies to be stormed and burnt and those in it to be chased and killed and every other Jew in Turkey to be killed and the Jews of the rest of the world threatened with the Turkish anger that would return the memories of the humongous Othmani state, but nothing of this sort happened, instead a few hundreds of Turkish people stood in front of the Jewish embassy raising banners and disapproving as if they are an Arab nation and not Turkish.

The Algerian nation that rose in angry and was about to go out of control when there was a rift between it and the Egyptian sports newspaper, based on a foot ball match!! Where is it now, and some of the Algerians have been detained by the Jews!! Or the football defeat is more painful to them than the Jewish slap!! 10 Algerian nobles are being detained by the Jews!! Are these the sons of Muhammad Basha and Haaj Bakeer, is this the Algeria that was the base of Baba Khair Ad Deen “Barbarosa” May Allah have mercy on him!! Ah if only these ships that crossed the waters of the Middle Sea, were under the leadership of Khair ad deen and his brother, an elevation of the sons of Yaqub “men with the blonde beard” who the children of Spain still remember while the Muslim youth have forgotten them… are these itself the people of Algeria who defeated the campaign of “Sharlkaan ” the king of Europe in a historical battle that relates the glories of Yarmouk, Hitteen and Ain Jaloot!!

This Freedom Flotilla is a suicide operation with every meaning of the word, for how can men throw himself in the hands of his –Jewish –enemy without weapons!! Do these expect the Jews to show them mercy!! These did not have mercy on the Prophets!! These are the people Allah cursed and they were cursed by the tongue of Dauood –may Allah have mercy on him- and by the tongue of Jesus son of Mariam because of what they disobeyed and they used to transgress.

Do these people want to embarrass the Jews?!! The Jews killed Yahya (May Allah have mercy on him) and presented his head on a plate of gold in order to please a prostitute, and they said that Allah’s hands are constrained , and they said that they are rich and Allah is poor, and they said to Moses ‘Go you and your Lord and fight, we are here sitting, and when they were ordered to enter the gate bowing humbly and say, 'Relieve us of our burdens' so that their sins may be forgiven they said ‘A wheat of grain’ and they faced the door with their backs…

Yes! They did embarrass the Jews: for the dead are 16 to 20 only, and this is a great embarrassment for the Jews who may have killed more of their Prophets than this number….

Ahh if the fleet of Jihad had dispatched from ‘Islambul’ by the order of the Caliph “Rajab Tayyib Ardoghan ” for freeing Palestine, and on board the fleet would be the Usmani Janissary armies under the leadership of ‘Albaab ali’ ‘Abdullah Ghul’’ with the volunteers of the Mujahideen from Sham, Egypt Arabian Peninsula and the Maghrib, if this were the fleet that headed towards Palestine then we would have seen a different reaction than what we saw now… if this was the fleet then we would see the entire International opinion sympathizing with the people of Gaza and demanding the Jews to break the siege –not out of love of peace and prosperity- but out of fear and awe of the army of Islam, and we would have seen the children of Gaza dragging the Jewish monks in the streets taking from their impure meat, and we would have seen the brothers of the apes getting stuffed in the airplanes and ships directed towards Europe and Russia leaving behind everything and not turning back even for a look…

Who wants to know the difference between the Turkish ‘Jihadi fleet’ and the Turkish ‘Freedom Flotilla’ let him read the letter of Sultan Sulaiman al Qanoni to the king of France “Franso I” who asked the Sultan to ally with him against the Emperor of most of Europe ‘Sharlkaan’:

“Allah is the most high, the great giver and supporter… in the care of the glory of Allah, Almighty and All Powerful, whose word is the highest, and by the miracles of the Master of the Prophets, and the ideal of the group of the pious, Muhammad (peace be upon him)… I am the Sultan of the Sultans, and the proof of the penetrators, the crowner of the Kings, the shadow of Allah on the lands, the Sultan of the White Sea, and the Black Sea and Anatolia and Rameli, and Karman, and the province of Zimmi and the houses of Bakr and Kurdistan and Azerbaijan and the foreign lands and Shaam, and Halab and Egypt and Mekkah and Medinah, and Quds and all the lands of Arab and Yemen and many other lands that were conquered by my honorable fathers, and great grandfathers, with their invincible power, May Allah have His mercy upon them, and many other lands that were conquered by my mighty hand with the sword of victory, I am the Sultan Sulaiman Khan bin Sultan Saleem Khan bin Sultan BaYazeed Khan…

To Fransis, the ruler of the province of France

It has reached- the doors of the written resort of the Sultans- that, which you sent through your active follower, Frankian, with some of the news that you instructed him verbally, and you informed us that your enemy has occupied your land, and that you are now trapped, and you hope for aid from this door as a source to your relief. Whatever you said was presented on the door of our throne, and has come in our honorable knowledge on the face of elaboration has become known, and it is not strange that Kings be in constraint and narrowness. Relax and don’t over exert your mind, for my fathers and great grand fathers- May Allah shower light on their graves- were not free of war in order to conquer lands and repel the enemy, and we too are walking on their road and at all times conquer difficult lands, and fortified forts, and our horses are prepared day and night and our swords are drawn, for the Truth, Almighty, makes goodness easy by His wish and will, as for the remaining situation and news, then you will understand it through your above mentioned follower, let this be known to you… written in the beginning of the Rabi At Thani, 932 H (1525) in Dar Al Saltanah Al Ulya, The protected and guarded Constantinople” (End Quote)

This is Sulaiman al Qanooni to whom an envoy from Moscow came and they prostrated before him and kissed the earth between his hands pleading him to order the Tatar Muslims to break the siege around Moscow, and they had it, may Allah forgive him…

If the Turkish government is serious about its reply then the least it should do is to treat the Jews with the same, and that should be by giving orders to the Turkish fleets to block the Jewish ships in the high seas and kill some of those on board and imprison the rest and take the ship in to the Turkish land.. This is the least thing that the Turks can do… while the Shari obligation is: Announcing Jihad in the way of Allah to free Palestine from the Jewish hands and bringing it back to the cradle of Islam… This is the Shari’ obligation that is a must on any country that claims Islam to be its religion today…

Strange is the case with those who asked for an International investigation!! Did they forget that the International organizations are controlled by the Jews!! They asked for the condemning of the Jews and does America have the right to criticize!! By Allah if the Jews would have torn the stomachs of the passengers and made from their intestines threads and made their tooth as fishing rods for catching fish in the Middle sea and they roasted these fishes with the fire of the passengers bodies and skin and they filmed all this and distributed it to the public, still America would have used its right to criticize because its government believes in the obligation of supporting the Jews in Palestine till Jesus (may Allah have mercy on him) descends and the Jews accept him, and this cannot be done except after the construction of “The Temple of Solomon”, on the remains of Aqsa. And as for those who do not believe in this from the rulers of America, 97% of the American media is in the hands of the Jews, and then there are these Jewish organizations in Washington and on its head “AIPAC” and there are major organizations of American Jewish studies, and major American Jewish companies, so will the American government sell itself for the eyes of the Muslims in Palestine…

They want to rule up to the international laws set up and written by the Jews, and they are the most knowledgeable people about its interiors and exteriors!! They want the western countries to move while they are the ones continuously supporting the Jewish gangs in Palestine for more than a century!

They want national protests! Then what? After a few days the foot ball world cup will begin and the people will forget about Gaza and the Mother of Gaza… it has come in the protocols of the rulers of the Zionists, “And so that we stop the public from taking, a permanent stance, we entertain it with games, and entertainment programs and desires and centers of national culture and soon we will start, using the press, presenting rewards for competitions in the areas of art and sports in all its forms”.

Is this not what happens every time a pot is broken in Palestine!! Have we not learned the lesson yet while it has been learnt by the most stupid of Allah’s creation- the Jews!! Has not one of the Jews said – Leave them to scream, and then tire up then shut up!! And he was right!! More than 70 000 of the youth gather for a football match, and only a few hundred gather to protest against the Jews, nor is the spirit like the spirit neither the enthusiasm that enthusiasm.

There are the Jews, bombing Gaza- after the happenings of the flotilla by a single day or two- and are killing the Palestinians and people are busy with the ships and those on it, and the message of the Jews by bombing is clear, and we say it in the common tongue understandable to all Arabs-Booo! To you and your conferences and demands and demonstrations and statements and calls and whatever you said, and whatever you will say O donkeys… this is the clear message of the Jews that they wanted to deliver through their bombing of Gaza after the flotilla incident by two days.

The governments of the Arab countries have agreements with the Jews based on personal interests of the rulers, does a smart person, believe that an Arab ruler will leave his personal interest for the eyes of the residents of Gaza!! The Turkish government has economic and military interests with the Jews, and Turkey is ruled by the military, that has been penetrated by the Jewish caterpillars and the Turkish media is in the hands of the Jews … from where did these come to us demanding the rulers to do something!! If the rulers wished to do anything they would have imprisoned and killed every person who tried to spoil their relation with the Jews, then let those people who wish their own safety shut up and not embarrass the rulers along with themselves.

Since when has freedom been gained without fighting!!

Since when has dignity been sold in the market of disgrace and defeatism!!

Since when has honor been gained in other than the battlefields!!

Gaza does not need all this media coverage nor the glamour of words nor UN conferences, not even national conferences. Gaza needs shoulders of men, and hearts cut out from the mountain stones, and a faith engulfed with awe, and sweeping armies as if they are a torrent of heavy flood.

Gaza needs Jihad:

Its base- raising the word of Allah

Its goal- bringing victory to the religion of Allah

Its motto- There is no might except with Allah

Its preparation- reliance on Allah

Its weapons- terrorizing the enemies of Allah

Its numbers- Awliya (Supporters/Friends) of Allah who do not fear anyone beside Him.

Gaza needs grenades and bullets and iron and fire and rockets and tanks and mines and RPG's on the shoulders of lions of the caliber of Samir Al Suwailim-Khattab, and Abu Waleed Al Ghamidi, and Abu Musab Az Zarqawi, and Yahya Ayyash…

Gaza needs Mujahideen scholars’ like- Maulavi Yunus Khalis, and Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani, and Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, and Sheikh Izzaddeen Al Qassam, and Sheikh Abdullah Azzam…

Gaza needs a solid leadership of the caliber of Osama bin Laden, and Mullah Muhammad Omar and Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and Shamil Basayev…

Gaza waits for the victorised sect that fights in Bait Al Maqdis, that fights and does not seek peace or truce or set up festivals and raise banners and prints advertises and beg organizations and governments.

Gaza does not accept truce with the Jews, instead it is thirsty for the blood of the sons of the monkeys and pigs, and hungry desiring to swallow the bodies of these cowards…

The defiant Gaza calls to Muslims- that it does not want those who defend it, instead it wants someone who launches from it to free Palestine and expel the cursed Jews…

Gaza does not want “freedom flotillas” that are boarded by blonde women with Muslim men and Christians with Jews and atheists, instead it wants a fleet on the sea and an army on land with black flags of Khorasaan, Shaam, Egypt, Maghreb, Yemen, Turkish, Kurdish, Islamic… that would stand on the east of the river of Yemen and the Jews would be on the West of the same, and the fires would scatter forth from the eyes of the Muslims….

Gaza longs for Islam, and wants Islam, and is eager for Islam, and Islam- is to surrender to Allah, and none other than Him, and worship of Allah, and none beside Him, and Jihad in the way of Allah, not in the way of any other than Him, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked which of the deeds is better he said ‘Belief in Allah and Jihad in His way’ (At Tabarani and his men are reliable).

Gaza does not wait for a demonstration in Yemen, nor a protest in Kuwait, nor a party in Egypt, nor letters of objection from the Peninsula, nor a press conference in Ankara…

Gaza needs the diligent soldiers of Shaam, and aid of Yemen the stubborn, and the glorious soldiers of Egypt, and the fearsome army of Turk, and the barbarous severe men of Maghreb…

The problem- that no one wishes to mention, and which everyone has forgotten, and which has been ignored even b y the scholars and thinkers- does not lie in the blockade of Gaza, the real problem is the blockade on Palestine, Palestine that has been forgotten by everyone and the problem before everybody has become restricted to Gaza and Hamas!

Palestine is the one under siege, and the siege is not by the Jews, instead it is under siege by the Masons west and south, and by the Nasiris in the north east, and from the north by the Rafidis and Christians, and from the west by him who is more disbelieving than any of these- who helped the Jews with gas and cement to set up the wall inside Palestine, and who is building an iron tight wall to complete the siege on Palestine, and the one who is killing the Palestinians in their tunnels with poisonous gases and who firmed the closing of the windows that could not be spotted by the Jews, this is the real siege of Palestine, and Gaza is a small part of Palestine.

Freeing Palestine can not be accomplished except by releasing the absolute external blockade, and this blockade can not be broken except by force, and it is in fact more severe than the Jewish blockade and more firm, and requires groups aided with the national forces, but the problem today, is in the ignorance of most of the nations and their fear and awe and engrossment in their luxury or daily bread. But as soon as these nations pay attention and realize the importance of their role, then freeing Palestine is going to be much easier than what many think, because our real problem is not with the Jews, who are the most conscious of people of love of this life, and from who there are who wish to live a 100 years. Indeed our problem is in these government organizations that protect the Jews, who are attached to them on the basis of personal interests that include- investments of millions, and thrones that sons inherit from their fathers as if countries are companies…

The Jews are no match for Muslims, instead, the true problem of the Muslims is in the apostates and disbelievers who are imposed and oppressing their necks with the help and aid of their enemies. This is the real problem, these people who have wasted the money of Muslims in their whims, and have enslaved the free, and humiliated the scholars, and have promoted the cheap and mischief spreaders, and have destroyed all power sources of the Muslims, and are striving hard to wipe off the Islamic identity of the Ummah, by spreading the cheap and dirty culture of the West, and have signed contracts and pacts of humiliation in the name of the Ummah, while the Ummah is acquit from these contracts, and have brought the Crusaders to the Islamic lands and established and aided them, and have established the Jews in Palestine and have guarded them more seriously than themselves.

If the western or eastern Palestinian borders are opened or the guards of the Jordanian or Egyptian border are relaxed only for a few hours, then the Muslim youth would rush like a flowing current into Palestine seeking death on the outskirts of Aqsa, for the Ummah is not short of men, instead it is short of organization and group and leadership that causes them to unite, and when that is fulfilled, the entire world will see the reality of this Ummah and its greatness

We revise it so that the Muslims should learn of this invisible yet present reality: Our problem is not Gaza, instead our problem is Palestine and those who give protection to the Jews from the outside and stop the Mujahideen from entering Palestine in order to do Jihad in the way of Allah, and liberate our holy lands, and that is why we say the Mujahideen: Who wants to enter Palestine and fight the Jews then let him start with the guards of the borders in order to defend his back, for the smart person does not expose his back to his enemy, and there is no sanctity to the blood of the guards of Jews even if they pray and fast.

Some Muslims went out on these Turkish ships -They set out with good intentions, and some were killed, we ask Allah to have mercy on the Muslims who died and to forgive their sins, but it is not right of any claimer to give them the badge of martyrdom, for this is a Christian way, created by the Pope by the name of “Indulgence” and we ask Allah to make the Muslims who died from the martyrs, but we do not say it for sure… as for if the dead are from the unbelievers then they are in Hell fire forever, and some of their virtues will be remembered in the world as a reward for what they did, but this does not change anything of their fate.

We should not play with the words and contexts of Sharia even if it is at the expense of some interests, for interests change and will pass, as for the Sharia words and contexts then they are firm and will remain by the will of Allah

And Allah knows best… And peace and blessings of Allah, upon our Prophet (peace be upon him) and on his Family and companions…

Written by Sheikh Husain Bin Mahmood
17 Jamadi Al Aakhir 1431H

Translated by Dar Al Murabiteen Publications




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