Quartet Process Is A Farce!!

14 March 2016

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The media is again heating up the arena, saying that next week shall see another quartet meeting possibly hosted in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and according to their estimation, the delegates of Islamic Emirate shall be participating as well.

As far as talks under the names of peace and negotiations are concerned, then obviously ‘Peace' is fragrant and the need of our time especially for the Afghans. The Islamic Emirate shall never turn its back on talks and processes of peace aimed at bringing true harmony and stability to Afghanistan but not processes which are garbed in the name of peace and sympathy with the Afghans but are the complete opposite on the inside.

Just as the Islamic Emirate declared during the Pugwash conference; this war is imposed on the Islamic Emirate and the Afghan nation because the country is occupied while the invaders backed by their internal lackeys have propped up a corrupt regime hence the first immediate step is to remove the main catalyst preventing peace and prolonging war in Afghanistan.

The agenda of the Quartet process clearly indicates that they have turned a blind eye to the ongoing American occupation and direct interference in our country and seek to resuscitate the Kabul administration that has been brought to its knees by the Islamic Emirate.

If such is incorrect, then it is understood by all that the mother of all tragedies is America. America has illegally invaded Afghanistan, has martyred hundreds of thousands of our countrymen, tortured millions more on top of other unspeakable crimes and this process is continuing with great savagery. On the other hand she controls the elections from start to finish while Ashraf Ghani openly says that were America to stop supply of petroleum for a single day, the administration shall come to a standstill and collapse. So if the decision of war, continuation of occupation, lifeline of Kabul regime and other bully tactics are in the hands of America, then why is she not taking a seat at the table as the main party of conflict?

The Islamic Emirate believes that America and the Kabul regime want our surrender instead of true peace. They believe the Islamic Emirate must first be weakened on the battlefield before they can be forced into ‘Peace'. But this is mere self-delusion and in conflict with the ground realities. The Islamic Emirate is supported by the strong backing of its nation. The invaders and their friends must understand that no force can ever pacify the determination of a nation and neither can problems be solved through irresponsible illegal agreements. In reality peace requires strong resolve and a strategy based on ground realities, an important element of which is the end of occupation and not things that contradict each other in talk and action.

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