Colonialism vs. Humanity: Are Palestinians, Afghans, Kashmiris The Terrorists? An Enquiry!

24 April 2016

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

No one needs to undergo a crash course to know the simple truth that capitalism and colonialism are the chief causes of poverty, inequality, tensions and terrorism. But the global media promoting colonialism try to fix Muslims and Islam for the birth of terrorism and paint Muslims as terrorists.

However, the truth is Israel and its terror ally USA have not only caused terrorism era but also accelerated in a sustained manner while at the same time blaming Islam and Muslims for that.

The term terrorism became popular, first in western media quickly followed by global corporate media that promotes capitalism and imperialism as their key objective, following the Sept 11 hoax in USA and US as well as other western leaders named Islamic fundamentalism the cause for terrorism. This anti-Islamic focus revealed the real intent of perpetrating the Sept 11. Before the Sept 11 only fascist Israelis and ultra fanatic Jews were known as terrorists but following the Sept 11 when President Bush (Jr.) loudly announced America the top terror c victim, Israel also got into the terror victim bandwagon to claim itself to a be a terror victim and who are the terrorists? Strangely the Palestinians, whose lands the criminal Jews occupy and whose children Israeli military keeps killing in order to effect holocaust and completely occupy Palestine with imperialist US backing.

Criminals of both state and private are serious threat to humanity. The tendency followed by criminals to call others the criminals is not new at all. Like thieves, criminals take away money or wealth or occupy someone's house or other property and when the owners protest, they are hit and also quickly call them criminals and frauds. Anyone who opposes the criminals who have committed crimes or sins will have to face the consequences.

Indian government has found a solution for this. It got the Hindu media lords to spread false propaganda against the Babri Mosque, Islam and Muslims and when enough hatred was created in the country against Muslims, Babri Mosque was destroyed by using Hindu criminals and BJP that now rule the country. The Congress party which promoted Hindutva elements in order to target the Muslim population quickly lost power to Hindutva parties and is struggling for existence in the opposition.

Upon the 'fall' of Babri Mosque India celebrated as victory against Islam. Hundreds of Muslims were killed in the aftermath. Now knowing Indian state's anti-Muslim mindset Muslim in India don't even protest in order to avoid state repressive methods. The Babri Mosque casein the Supreme Court and the Hindutva parties and BJP government are obviously after the judges to deliver a Hindutva judgment and against Muslims so that false image of Hindus being the victims remains intact for ages.
Hindutva leaders argue everything in India belongs to Hindus and Hindus have special right to do what pleases them in India and judges should side with them and uphold their false claims because Indian prestige is now involved in the case. Judges are appointed by the government now controlled by the Hindutva parties led by BJP.

India invaded neighboring Jammu Kashmir soon after its independence and continues to kill Kashmiris, calling them terrorists.

A regime that kills a section of population on some mischievous reason first names and calls them the criminals, frauds or even terrorists in order to justify its crime s is a shame regime. This has been the real situation from street to state all over the world, not just in India.

USA led NATO invaded an Islamizing Afghanistan killed millions of Afghans, destroyed property worth trillions, following the Sept-11 hoax mainly to settle score with Russia that occupied Afghanistan to defend 'communism' globally. Those who oppose the US occupation of their beloved nation on fictitious pretext are called ''terrorists''.

Fascist Israel very loudly calls the besieged Palestinians the terrorists whose lands it occupies with US terror backing and expands the illegal territories it acquired thus far by killing the Palestinians on some fictitious pretexts, while its military ally India keeps killing the Kashmiris whose lands it occupies and whom it kills on regular basis maybe for fun and to impress the anti-Islamic world for big favors and also calls them the terrorists. The illegibility of US led western terror forces occupying Arab nations to ensure their collective energy security, defaming Islam as a terrorist religion and looting their resources in a systematic manner, is not yet recognized by the highly educated Americans and their corporate media lords who always paint Muslims in dirty colors.

For Israel, India, USA, EU and every anti-Islamic nation the Muslim victims of colonialist and imperialist wars are the terrorists and these brutal regimes and their leaders do not know how they dirty and blood thirsty they look in a mirror.

Terrorists are those who employ misguided Muslims to perform terror attacks. Terrorists are those who killed millions of Muslims in Islamic world, demolished mosques across the globe, especially in India where Hindutva criminals destroyed historic Babri Mosque in India in 1992 and justify their ghastly crime. Terrorists are those who used Pakistani military to kill Muslims there. Terrorists are those who plan hidden agenda to terrorize Muslims and entire humanity by terror actions. Terrorists are those who portray Muslims in the media as terrorists.
True Muslims are not terrorists and they can't be so.

How come the colonialist and imperialist nations want to see the victims as terrorists and the real terrorists as the so-called democrats? They occupy the Muslims nations by brutal forces, the kill local people brutally but also called the victim of their terror attacks the terrorists. The reason is simple Muslims are nobody in the world which is being effectively controlled by Jews, Christians and neo-colonialist terror allies.

Western and bulk of Eastern media have been painting, rather fairly successfully, the Muslims as the terrorists and conversely Islam as a terrorist religion. Having strategically misused some misguided Muslims to tarnish the image of Islam, these essentially anti-Islam fanatics have fully taken advantage of the absence of a Pope like top figure to defend Islam and guide Muslims, let Muslims themselves also kill each other alongside the genocides of Muslims perpetrated by terror wars launched by US led NATO terror alliances.

Interestingly, the anti-Islamic western military alliances and their nations tactfully utilize the services of the terrorized Muslim nations as well, including Saudi led GCC.

In the process s of all terror wars now concentrating in Mideast, one basic truth lies unnoticed by one and all pushing the hard truth about terrorism very underneath.

Americans are the top terrorists on earth as evidence by its illegal use of atomic bombs on civilian populations of Japan, killing and wounding millions of people. In terror techniques Americans re closely followed by Israeli Jews who not only continue to suffer from some vague and fake prophesies but also commit ghastly crimes against Palestine humanity.

The fact that instead of ending the terror wars that were launched on false but specific causes, the USA and its terror allies continue with its terror wars against Islam and Muslims and loot the resources of Islamic world is enough proof to show that Islam and Muslims are the victims and not the cause of terrorism, and that Americans are the topmost terrorists and terror strategists on earth.

It is indeed cruel that USA and its nuked ally Israel jointly call the Palestinians as terrorists. It looks like a crude joke played on the suffering of the terrorized humanity. Upon imposing the criminal Jews on Palestine in Mideast who were busy conspiring against their 'civilizational opponents', particularly in Europe, killing them in a sustained manner, the USA-Israel terror twins began a historic conspiracy against Arab nations that opposed the imposition by USA-UK duo of a criminal Israel in the Arab world. They plotted against Arab nations and provoked them for a war. USA and UK supported Israel with everything they had, including terror goods, intelligence and war specialists.

Initially, Arab leaders thought they were fighting Israel and they could win but very soon they realized that they are fighting the formidable USA-UK terror twins who emerged victorious and riches after the World Wars. Weak Arab nations were nowhere near the western powers in terms of military prowess and strategy and they lost all the 3 wars one after another and fully comprehended the hidden agenda plus power of USA in Mideast. They began playing their card very close to their heart and their fight for Palestine against Israel because very weak.

Notwithstanding continued Israeli brutality and US promotion of a criminal Israeli regime, Palestinians do long for a free Palestine for their own freedom and salvation.

Egypt, then the torch-bearer of Arab nationalism, led the Arab wars against Israel in 1948, 1956 and 1967 in which Palestine was a central cause. With direct, massive support from the US and other western powers, Arab armies were soundly beaten, routed at three different fronts eventually in 1967. Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank were lost, along with the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley and Sinai, as well.

The 1967 war also brought an end to the Arab dream of independent Palestinian action, which was almost entirely hijacked by various Arab countries. Moreover, the war shifted the focus to the occupied West Bank and Gaza. When Israel under Ariel Sharon decided to free Gaza strip, Arab nations began revising its Palestine dream but Israel not only continued to occupy West Bank along with important zone Jerusalem but began aggressively attacking Gaza Strip where the Hamas party ruled as custodians of an elected government. Israeli regime sought to take back Gaza strip for constructing Jewish illegal settlements. On the eve of general election the Olmert government launched a bloody war in Gaza strip, killing Palestinians, including children and women. UN and all human right watchdogs condemned the attacks on Palestine civilians but both USA and Israel chose to ignore them. USA used its veto handle to save and defend Israeli military terror exercises against people in Gaza strip.

Israel's victory and the US-West's unremitting support convinced some Arab governments to downgrade their expectations from Israel and its western bosses in protecting Palestine. Egypt lost hopes of making Palestine a reality and finally succumbed to a collective sense of humiliation and, later, redefined its priorities to free its own land from Israeli Occupation.

Eventually, after abandoning the Palestine agenda, Egypt fought and celebrated its victory of the 1973 war, which allowed it to consolidate its control over most of its lost territories. The Camp David accords in 1979 divided the ranks of the Arabs even more and ended Egypt's official solidarity with the Palestinians, while granting the most populous Arab state a conditioned control over its own land in Sinai.

The Egyptian people, despite the passing of time, love Palestinians and have never truly normalized with Israel. The Egyptian government works on political urgency and self-preservation, while its media blasted anti-Palestinian campaign vigorously to woo Israeli capitalists to invest money in Egypt. The Egyptian media scapegoated Palestinians in Gaza, targeted the starving Palestinians in Yarmouk, Syria, the past civil war in Lebanon, the mistreatment of Palestinians in Kuwait in 1991 and, later, in Iraq in 2003. They do exactly what pleases Israel and USA.

However, Egyptian people are as ever determined to reject normalization with Israel until Palestine is free. Not just Egotisms but all Arabs support and many fight for the cause of Palestinians.

Israel has betrayed UN by refusing to implement the resolution 242 adopted by Security Council on November 22 1967, reflecting a new status quo as per US plan: Israeli withdrawal ''from occupied territories'' in exchange for normalization with Israel.

Today, it plays pro-Israeli policy and against Palestine by jointly erecting terror blockades around Palestine to make the life of besieged Palestinians miserable. Having lost the pivotal Egyptian leadership, Arab countries were divided into camps, each government with its own economic agenda. As Palestine was then under Israeli control, Arabs slowly walked away from a cause they once perceived to be the central cause of the Arab nation.

Now Saudi Arabia has replaced Egypt as torchbearer of Arab nationalism and defender of Palestine.

The so-called 'Arab Spring' was the last nail in the coffin of Arab solidarity with Palestine. The outcome of the ill-fated 'Arab Spring' was a massive letdown, if not betrayal, not just of Palestinians but of most Arabs, except the rich ones whose wealth is protected by USA and Israel. The Arab world has turned into a massive ground for dirty politics between old and new rivals.

Those Muslims who help the anti-Islamic forces to spread Islamophobia and kill Muslims, and insult Islam are indeed fake ones. They are indeed anti-Muslims. They are the same hypocrites who had existed even during the Holy Prophet's time.
Not just Palestinians are victimised, Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenis and others are being victimised, as well. Palestine suffered the most as their struggle for sovereignty having got mixed up with Arab spring revolution lost its appeal even globally. Palestinians also became problem boys. Their firing of toy missiles into vacant zones of Israel has been criticized by USA while Israel attacks and kills Palestinian children because they deny them chance to grow and attack Israel with real missiles.

With UNSC veto powers led by super power USA jointly misleading the world, Palestinians, like Kashmiris, face impending existential threat from their colonist, essentially fascist masters.

Irrespective of what some ''concerned'' nations view Palestinians, Kashmiris, Afghans, Libyans, Syrians, others the fact remains that they are the real victims of state sponsored global terrorism circumstances.

Irrespective of all the terror tactics being employed by colonialist powers to silence the freedom fighting masses, Kashmir, Palestine, and other such nations will gain freedom and sovereignty from the brutal masters in due course. All terror restrictions would be overcome by the masses who seek independence and sovereignty to decide their own future fearlessly.

That has been the story of human history so far and it shall continue to wheel the global freedom movement world over!


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