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Khadijah McLean, London, London - The United Kingodm [Thursday January 14, 2010]

Re: 'My Body Is My Business: Virtue Of Ladies In Hijab - Honour, Respect And Protection'

Thank you sister Naheed Mustafa, to read your article here is exactly what I need right now.  I am a revert British Muslim woman in my twenties.  It has not been easy covering up yourself on the streets of Britain these days with widespread of Islamophobia both by the misguided media and the ignorant public.  The way people look at you when they hear you speaking with original London accent in hijab is depressing here too.  The weather is terrible right now in London.  Our Muslim men are being spared from the fitna of 'the Loose Women' if only they could sit clear of the television.  People would always have difficult relating to ladies in hijab as long as the ignorance of the media is not addressed.  Education is what the ignorant need to understand.  Exposure is what the racists need to see the human common traits.  It's our duties as Muslim women to speak load for ourselves against the ill-informed media and let the deeply ignorant public know we are actually free (but not as 'loose') women - fit, healthy and happy indeed.  We must be noisy about our choice of hijab as a compliance to the Will of our Creator and not as a tendency to racial customs or a succumb to gender oppression or even an obedience to man-made-legislation.  More of us should engage the West and their media tools in presenting our pleasure inside hijab.  They have seen us. Let them hear us.  Let us manifest hijab as our Choice, as our preferred way of (a good) life and as a testimony of our total submission to The Lord, The Creator no matter what the profound ignorance and negative reactions.  Jazakallah khaira sister Naheed.


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