Support for Libya: "There are no Libyans protesting against Gaddafi - Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

23 February 2011

By Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

Following is a press release by the President of the "Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)"

Freetown, Sierra Leone-West Africa

Support for Libya

The attention of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) has been drawn to imperialist-driven, colonialist-driven, Zionist-driven, anti-Libyan agenda doctored by detractors to the peace, stability, unification and development of Africa. The anti-Libyan covert agenda which started a week ago has one objective: "to instigate a violent insurrection against the Libyan Revolution, led by Muammar Qathafi".

Much as we, in the HCI-FPFS are concerned, we have recorded with great regret the exploitation and misleading interpretation of an isolated and painful incident that happened in the Libyan city of Benghazi, meant to embarrass Muammar Qathafi and the Libyan people.

Our sources in and outside Libya revel that, contrary to foreign machinations, there is nothing like "Libyans protesting against the revolutionary leadership of Muammar Qathafi". There is just no evidence whatsoever to place Libya on the queue with Bahrain, Jordan and Yemen as countries in the Middle East that are facing anti-governments protests. In fact the reality on the ground in Libya shows that Libyans are behind their charismatic leaders and are satisfied with the gains of the September 1st Al-Fateh Revolution, led by Muammar Qathafi.

Our sources reveal also that there was a gathering of immigrants in Benghazi, mainly Arabs from Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Bahrain to express their solidarity with compatriots at home. Attempts by the competent Libyan security to stop the activities of these immigrants resulted into scuffled where the immigrants resorted to violent attacks against security forces. In the process, the immigrants started mouthing anti-Qathafi slogans, accusing the Libyan leader of doing nothing to support protesters in Tunesia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain.

As a matter of fact, well established, the Libyan Government of Muammar Qathafi has time and again spelt it crystal clear that it has no territorial ambition beyond the national sovereignty and independence of Libya. The Government has also maintained that it has no interest meddling in the domestic matters of another sovereign nation and member-state of the United Nations.

To say that there are anti-government protests going on in Libya is fictitious and a figment of imagination by those who seek to destroy the peace, stability and progress the African continent has chalked since the transformation of the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU) to the African Union (AU) in 2000. What the enemies of Muammar Qathafi cannot deny is that Libyans protested en mass in Tripoli to reaffirm their support for their leaders and to denounce attempts by foreign detractors to instigate insurrection against their Government and country.

Like the so-called opposition to the Governments of Venezuela and Iran, Libya's opposition constitute of a group of terrorists recruited, trained, funded and lodged in the United States. With no chance of manipulating the people, this so-called opposition rely instead on lies, armed violence, terrorism to ferment a political crises that will lead to the fall of the Government. Using their international business connections, especially ties to the corporate media, the opposition has manufactured an image of itself as the true champion of freedom in Libya.

Media manipulation is one success the opposition has succeeded in mobilizing the mainstream media to create an image of Muammar Qathafi as a tyrant and the opposition as democratic freedom fighters. For instance, the international media have run several vicious stories comparing events in Egypt and Tunesia. Although the Libyan masses have explained their anger against attempts by foreign powers to destroy their leader, the mainstream media deliberately refused to report the anger of the Libyan people towards the enemies of Muammar Qathafi.

The enemies of Africa are bent of misusing their media platforms to demonise, dehumanize and lie about the Great Al-Fateh Revolution of 1st September, 1969.

Having stated the above, we disseminate this Press Release categorically rejecting all the forms of violence and anarchy and denouncing the irresponsible reckless behaviours of the corporate media and foreign Institutions, particularly Amnesty International (United Kingdom) and Human Rights Watch (New York) in their reporting and analysis of the situation in Libya.

We denounced the unwholesome western media campaigns aimed to damage Libya's reputation, sow hatred and grudge and use current events in the Middle East for suspicious ends with erroneous statements and groundless allegations about Libya and the leadership of Muammar Qathafi. These media campaigns tend to pave the way for detractors and skeptics to harm Libya's image by means of manipulation and lies in order to stir up ill- feeling, destabilize the country and question the gains and achievements of the Al-Fateh Revolution. The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) notes with great satisfaction the role of the Libyan leader in moving Africa forward through peace, freedom and development.

These moves testify to the rightness of the renewed vision of Muammar Qathafi in matters of Unification of Africa, and development across the continent.


Alimamy Bakarr SANKOH
President of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)

For an on behalf of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) #



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