Unquestionably Hands of Americans Rulers Behind the Crime of the Holy Quran Burning

06 April 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Some international media outlets reported last Friday evening that Terry Jones, pastor at a church in Gainesville, Florida set fire to a copy of the Holy Quran on Tuesday after a fake trial. According to this Satan, the Holy Quran teaches murder and terrorism in the world. This devilish American pastor had been threatening for the last six months persistently that he would burn hundreds of copies of the Holy Quran on September 11.

The American media outlets like their rulers stayed completely silent as regards this inhumane and wicked action. They neither published commentaries about this evil act nor showed any reaction thereabout. Only a limited number of Muslims in New York condemned the crime of the pastor during a demonstration. They said, the event of burning a copy of the Holy Quran indicates that the Obama Administration is indifferent to the cause of protection of the religious beliefs and values of the Muslims. Contrarily, the Administration acquiesces in allowing him to desecrate Islamic rituals and  the sacrosanct.

Though the American rulers say, the burning of the Holy Quran falls under the category of freedom of speech but the question arises if a Muslim reacts to the bestial step of Terry Jones in a self-same manner, then would the American rulers and media tolerate it under the rules of the freedom of speech and would they remain silent? Or rather that the Americans including the rulers, politicians, religious followers and media of the West will simultaneously, run a mock and refer the case to the Security Council and the United Nations?

Terry Jones, pastor of Gainesville church in Florida, USA, has burnt a copy of the Holy Quran in a time that the Americans ironically consider it as a cause of 9/11 and have already invaded Afghanistan and Iraq under the said pretext. They shed blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims and even have recently turned to killing and oppressing the Libyans Muslims. So we can say, the hostility of the pastor and his anti-Islamic crime is not limited to his person but is a comprehensive anti-Islamic plan being implemented with the volition and consent of the White House. Hundreds of times, we have seen abhorrent instances of blasphemy at the hands of  the Americans soldiers in Guantanamo, Abu Gharib and Bagram prisons, desecrating the Holy Quran and other Islamic tenets.

While we strongly condemn the crime of the  burning  of the Holy Quran by the American pastor Terry Jones, meanwhile, we say there are hands and help of the American rulers behind this evil and despicable deed of the pastor. He had been threatening for months to carry out this sinful action and the American rulers were fully aware of his intention.

To end, we call on the Islamic Ummah, not to remain indifferent in face of this contemptible action of the enemies of Islam. Shake up and put pressure on rulers of your countries to come out of the cocoon of hesitation and vacillation and raise the issue of the Holy Quran burning at world level.



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