2011 Elections: A Trial Before Nigerians - But, The Wishing And Aspiration

03 April 2011

By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

We must learn to accept that no group, however benevolent, can ever hand power to the vanquished on a plate. We must accept that the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress - Steve Bantu Biko

The 2011 election will be the greatest event that will shape the future peaceful co-existence of Nigeria. The forthcoming election will define the boundary and desire of the change Nigerians over the year are yearning for. Over the last twelve years, since the return to democratic rule, elections in Nigerian have not really reflected the wishes and aspiration of the average Nigerians, who dance themselves to various location to witnessed the country's return to democratic rule and inaugurations of political leaders into various offices. Elections by its nature suppose to give the people the opportunity to elect or remove leaders that will safeguard or refused to safeguard their yearning and aspiration. Free, fair and credible elections give the people the power based and opportunity to shape their destiny, through electing leaders of their choice; thereby enhancing the peoples' ownership of the leadership recruitment process in an ideal democracy. Credible elections remain the yardstick for the sustenance and consolidation of democracy in Nigeria.

It is interesting to say, they seem to be direct linkage between peoples' aspirations and the entrenchment of democratic practice in Nigeria, due to the nature of the sacrifice and patience of Nigerian to nurture the present democratic process no matter its imperfections. There is no doubt democracy has a strong appeal among Nigerians, who believe that, democracy still remain the vehicle for national integrations and development. Since we have collective agreed that, democracy still remain the vehicle to national development, it is important to take the forthcoming 2011 elections in all ramification as a battle of life time. The Nigerian leaders have become the most endangered species towards the entrenchment of good governance; by their refusal to allow the people to make choices of leaders that will governed their social, political and economic realities. These leaders in the last twelve years seems to lack the vision or the courage to direct the ship of Nigerian fortune to the right direction; instead the Nigerian leaders ended up instilling virtues that are antithetical to the development of the Nigerian state.

The failure of Nigerians to elect leaders of their choice in the last two general elections of 2003 and 2007, has structure the Nigerian state into abysmal of social and political anarchy and hopelessness. As leaders were not only off the peoples' expectation; but, politics has now been militarized through the act of political thuggery, violence and political assassination. This conflicting behaviours and character and winner take all mentality of Nigerian politician will serious affect the credibility of the forthcoming 2011 elections. There is no doubt, from the feelers and silent disagreement from the various political camps, the 2011 elections will be the most expansive and violent prompt election in the history of Nigerian political elections. This dangerous scenario is already an eye opener to all political observers if the scenarios of October 1 2010 Abuja bombing, Christmas bomb explosion in Jos, new year eve bombing also in Abuja, the bombing of labour campaign office in Bayelsa state, Suleja PDP campaign bomb and various explosive and violent activities is anything to go by. This conflicting scenario will definitely affects the nature and credible process of the forthcoming elections.

So, therefore, it is important for Nigerians to really understand the fact that, the road to salvation lies on how individuals and groups are able to tenaciously withstand the challenges of freeing their society from the bondage of hopelessness and confusion engineered by some few people. The 2011 election is our change once again to demonstrate our willingness and determination to vote in right people that will stare the ship of Nigerian state and people in the right direction. There is no doubt, it take two to tango; the people have a responsibilities to protect their vote, since the institutions saddle with such responsibilities have failed and are still failing to do so. In such a state of nature, the rule of engagement also change, we cannot trust anybody; but, let be orderly and organized ourselves into community elections watchdog and ensure our vote are not only protected; but, the wishing and aspiration of the people prevail.

Finally, we must understand the fact that, the essence of election is to give the people the opportunity to recruit or remove leaders that will or have not answer to the challenges of development. If we allow this opportunity to pass us by, then we will be enslave for the next four years; thereby deepening poverty, hopelessness, confusion, immorality and destitutions. The time for merry making is over, we have jaw-jaw enough, and the time for action is now. Hope this time around we will do the right thing. May God see us through this election in peace and harmony and at the end of the day, when we look back; we will be proud of ourselves, and beat our chest and says finally we gotting what we deserves; so that Nigerian can begin on a new threshold of national development that inspire prosperity amin.

Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega, Write from Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, belloskic@yahoo.com



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