Is Change A Nigeria? Walloping And Galloping In Abject Poverty And Hopelessness And Confusion

09 April 2011

By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

As the nation count down to yet another election, there is no doubt, the yearning and aspiration of average Nigerian to the suppose change that the various politicians and future leaders of Nigeria are promising the belligerent masses, who have suffered and are continue to be cajole to the dept of poverty and hopelessness is very high with anticipations of change coming to Nigeria and Nigerians with the election of credible and passionate leaders in all ramifications.

There is no doubt; there is cry for change in all ramifications in Nigeria. Nigerian people are so passionate to protect their vote and make the necessary change that is require of them in the fourth coming elections. But, I really don't understand if really change is a Nigerian? Are Nigerians really ready for the kind of change that will usher the needed transformation of life and property? Is the change about us or is supposed to be building the necessary foundation for our children and grandchildren enjoy? Do we necessarily have to enjoy the change we are anticipating or change ought to be a gradual process, characterize with patient and dedication from both leaders and followers alike?

I think these questions are fundamental in understanding the kind of change we are aspiring for. If we sample opinion on Nigerians on what change means; as usually you will get a lot of opinion on the kind of change every Nigerian anticipate from his leaders and country. There are some change agents that yearned for ethnic and religious kind of change; they are change agents who yearned for personal comforts against the collective, there are change aspire by corrupt politicians who want the state to continue servicing their interest etc. Nigerians both leaders and followers really don't understand what change means. The kind of change for any promising country like Nigeria is the kind change that will begin the developmental aspiration of the Nigerian state for the future generations. Nations were build by the sweat, blood, tears and sacrifice of both patriots and traitors alike in building a virile nation for the future generation to enjoy and consolidate upon toward further prosperity of the Nigerian nation.

The 2011 elections has also presented us, with yet another opportunity to listen to the charlatans and opportunists aspiring for leadership position to promise us change that they themselves cannot really articulate, appreciate, understand; nor engage the people to dream on. Ironically, even those who had lead the country and various states across the federation in the last four years; but, have failed to provide the succors and change the people are yearning for; are also promising change; the question is what change are you promising us please? There is no doubt, change for now is not a Nigerian, because I see Nigerians leaders and followers alike are yearning and aspiring for change that will be beneficial to their current status and enjoy the spoil of office. Until we began to see change from the angle of laying the foundation for a new nation that might not necessary benefits us in this lifetime, but, will be a synergy for building a virile society for the future generation; then change will become meaningful and gives a direction towards building a nation that hold the key to African renaissances. There is need for us to understand the fact that, change must come from creative utilization of human person as an engine of growth and development. It is the human person, when properly developed that will provide the needed development for the future generation and prosperity of promising country of lost opportunities.

Let me also disabuse our mind to the fact that, the change we aspire for might be gradual and patiently pursuits, with trial and retrial of various strategies that ensure development. The problems with Nigerians are that, they want development and improvement in their life time and are not ready for any long time journey to development. Although I most agreed with the fact that, long years of leadership failure and lack of honesty on the part of leaders in all seasons; necessitated this disbelieve and mutual suspicions among Nigerians on their leaders and the suppose change there are anticipated. But, as long we do not change our mindset on what development and change entails; even when the elections are free and fair; we will be face with the crisis of agitation by the masses on a quick fix to the hopelessness and confusion, which might not come in this turn by turn democratic system we are practicing today. I once asked myself if democracy can really facilitate development and change we aspired for? Can democracy survive and its doctrine of free and fair election be entrenched in a poverty riddle country like Nigeria?

I think the legacy of change and development in Asia countries serve as lessons and guide for the change we needed. The legacy of development of the Asia tiger that we passionately compare Nigeria with us, is build on the trial and retrial and purposeful benevolence dictatorial leadership of these countries. The leaders and followers not only build the needed synergy to developed their countries for the future generation; but, the followers were ready to make sacrifice and are determine rededicate themselves to laid the foundation and begin the building process of their country; for the benefit of the future generation. Today, countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, and South Africa etc are legacy of the sweat, blood, tears and sacrifice of both patriots and traitors of those countries. These known and unknown heroes have shown through their commitment; passions, dedication and sacrifice have build virile nations that are standing tall within the comity of so called highly developed nations.

These are legacies and model for Nigerians to learn from. Until we zero our minds to the fact that, change is about the present and future, but most importantly the change we should be aspiring for is the kind of change that will build the foundation for the future generation. There is no doubt; the reason why we are where we are; docile, unorganized, carefree and resistance to change; is because of the mindset we have build for the waiting game for our turn to come. Nobody is taking about tomorrow or the society; but, do to poverty of mindset and spirit, the gate is all open for us to believe and see change that will happen today and everyone will benefit from change; not necessarily for the future. Until we change out mindset to see change as futuristic; we will only continue to wallop and gallop in abject poverty and hopelessness and confusion. Until then, change is not a Nigerian.

BUKHARI MUHAMMED BELLO JEGA, Writes from Wuse Zone 4, Abuja,



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