Islamic Revival: Since America And Its Allies Declared A Crusade Against The Islamic World

10 April 2011

By Hunzala Mujahid

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

The start of 2011 has been an auspicious time for the Islamic World. Almost ten years since America and its eastern and western allies declared a Crusade against the Islamic World to destroy the light of Islam once and for all, the tides of history have turned once again. When the Americans started their war of ‘Infinite Justice' all parties knew that this clash of civilisations will have far-reaching consequences for the coming century. But few could have guessed how unforeseen they were to be.

Today, the great might of America, the greatest western power since the Roman Empire, has been brought to its knees. Its allies are abandoning the banner of falsehood from left and right. And everywhere, the dictators of Muslim countries, so complicit in these crimes against the Islamic Ummah, are facing the wrath of our Muslim populaces.

The rulers of the Muslim nations have proven to be the greatest enemies of Islam in this war against the Muslims. They have not only been complicit in all the atrocities and war-crimes being perpetuated by the Westerners against Muslims, but have even out-classed their masters in killing and torturing the Muslim citizens. They faithfully carried out the orders given to them by White House in arresting, imprisoning, torturing, and murdering tens of thousands of their citizens in the so-called ‘war against terrorism'. It seems that the sole purpose of these governments is to suppress their own populace and advance the interests of America and Israel in these regions.

Most of these rulers came to power through force, and for them insuring the survival of their barbaric regimes has always been of paramount importance. To achieve this end, they were even willing to subservient not only the national interests and aspirations of their people but also of the entire Islamic Ummah. They built ruthless security apparatuses and cruel intelligence services, not to defend their people and country from external threats, but rather to suppress their very own citizens. They sold their faiths and their people for the small price of ensuring a few more days in their empty palaces.

Alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! It is with great joy that we hear about our Muslims brothers and sisters in these distant lands rising to challenge these agents of the West, and seeking to replace them with leaders that will rule them with justice and Islamic principles. There are many in the West (and their followers in the east) that have given a twist to this narrative and claimed that these protests are a great victory for the West and a loss for quote Islamists unquote.

Nothing could be further from the truth than this distortion of the realities. The Muslim populaces of these countries rose against their rulers precisely because these leaders prioritised the wishes of their Western masters over the aspirations of their people. The laws implemented by these rulers over the past ten years, in the name of fighting terrorism (but in reality to suppress their people even further) were one of the main catalysts for these rebellions.

The Muslim people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya did not seek to remove their corrupt leaders only to elect, in their places, other equally corrupt leaders who will seek the same policies of neglecting their own nation, transferring all the wealth of their nation to foreign banks, and aligning their foreign policies according to directives from Washington and Langley.

No! The Islamic Ummah has spoken, and they have spoken overwhelmingly for independence and self-sufficiency from foreign powers. The martyrs of Tunis, Benghazi, and Tahrir Square gave up their lives for their beliefs and their people. Their main demands were resonant throughout. They want their governments, to work for the people, not against them. They want police, security forces, and intelligence services to protect the people from external threats, not to suppress them for foreign interests. They want a just social order. They want their governments to provide basic education for their children, employment opportunities, a fair and Islamic justice system, accountability for corrupt officials, and some measure of equality and redress for the poor and the oppressed. They are tired of their governments forcing its people to flee their country and live a life of servitude and hardship in foreign lands so that their families at home do not die from starvation. They are tired of their governments implementing policies that benefit American, France and Israel, and bring only misery and privation for its people.

By the Grace of Allah the revival within the Islamic Ummah is manifesting itself more clearly every day. We, the Muslim people of Afghanistan, send our messages of felicitation and support, to all our Muslim brothers throughout the Islamic world, in their efforts to rid themselves from the shackles of slavery and corruption. Any Muslim nation, that wishes to build their country into a strong and independent nation, must first rid themselves from their corrupt and too often drunk, leaders and replace them with pious, accessible and accountable leaders to will work hard to serve their people, and establish the rule of Allah in their country.

The only way in which the Islamic nations can regain their rightful position as the leading, most powerful and advanced nation of the world is, if it abandons its slavery to foreign notions such as dictatorship, democracy, nationalism, nation-state, and other equally fallacious ideas. These are ideas that were transplanted on our nations to continue the slavery of Muslim nations to their colonial masters long after they had physically left these lands. One only has to look at the colonialist policies of Britain in India, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, and of Italy in Northern Africa and France in Western Africa to understand how much they tried, and focussed on educating an elite class within these societies who were completely enslaved and brainwashed with these notions. It was these very same elitists who were then left by their colonial masters in charge of affairs after they exited the countries. For over half a century, these elitist have bombarded our children with ideas of democracy, human rights, separation of politics and religion, and secularism; all in the name of enlightenment and modernism. But the conduct of these leaders has been far from enlightened or modern. Their enslavement to these foreign notions has prevented them from seeking any original solution to the issues facing their nations, and all they have to done is to hold to the tails of their former masters and say: ‘Take us to hell and back, and you will find us steadfast in your path'.

How can anyone expect to live a life of dignity and advancement with such leaders in charge?! The only option for Muslims is to throw these elitist leaders from positions of power and replace them with leaders that will resolve all issues in accordance with Islam. Islam is the fountain through which we will gain back our dignity and honour. It is the only system of government that looks at the needs of its people and responds to those needs. It is better than dictatorship because its does not protect the corrupt elites, and it is better than democracy because it does not rule on behalf of the rich.  It is the only system of law before which, the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor, the black and the white are all equal. It is the only system that takes from the rich what they have taken unlawfully and gives to the poor what is lawfully theirs. In short, it is the only system through which we can achieve dignity, glory, and social justice.

The Muslim people of the world, your Afghan brothers say to you, that we have seen every system of government possible under the face of this earth; from kingship to dictatorship to communism to democracy to Islam. We can tell you that none of these can compare with Islam. Islam is the only system of government that works at the grassroots, from the houses, the local masaajid, and local shuras, its permeates up all the way to the Ameer ul Mu'mineen, who is always in contact with the people, responding to their needs and addressing their concerns. Anyone who doubts this has only to look at the lives of the Four Righteous Caliphs. The Arabs were the most backward people on the face of earth until Allah blessed them with Islam, and then they became the vanguard for the most powerful and advanced Ummah on this earth. If the Muslims want to find dignity, glory and social justice again, then the only option for them is to return to Islam.

As a final note, I would like to remind us of the quote of Umar (R.A) the second Righteous Caliph, who said: "We are people whom Allah exalted by Islam. If we still seek exaltation in things other than Islam, Allah will humiliate us."


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