Why I Left Islam And Why I Reverted To Islam: A Message From Ashanti Region Of Ghana

08 April 2011

By Kabiru Ibrahim

Assalam Alaikum Sheikh Dr. Abu-Abdullah Adelabu,

I am Kabiru Ibrahim, 19 year old and a student of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.I was born by Muslim parents who made me automatically a Muslim. However, I left Islam after entering university. I grew up to realise that Islam had not impacted positively on the lives of my community and beyond. Most Muslims are characterized by poverty, poor sanitation, high illiteracy and violence. In view of this, I asked myself whether that was what Islam intends. Comparing Christianity with Islam, I realized most Christians posses a better way of life. They are divided into thousands of denominations. Yet they are well organized. This and many more made me confused and in the first semester of my second year at the university, I left Islam.

Meanwhile my belief in Almighty God was still intact. In view of this I had to make massive research to discover the true religion to join. I focused my research beyond my community, country and continent. The internet was very relevant in my research. The aim was to compare Islam in Africa to Islam in America and Europe. I found out that the characteristics of Muslims in my community were in sharp contrast. The authenticity of the Qur'an became clear to me when I discovered the numerous scientific accuracy of the Qur'an. ESINISLAM.COM and many more website helped my research to succeed. Thanks be to ALLAH for providing me evidence that ISLAM is undoubtedly the true religion. Alhamdulillah I have reverted to ISLAM: I am a new Muslim with a different mentality.

WHO ARE MUSLIMS PROJECT (WAMP) is my initiation to contribute to the eradication of the challenges facing Muslims in my community and beyond: To bring the truth to light, to make Islam as attractive as it should be. The unattractive mature of Muslims in my community is driving away a lot of prospective Muslims from embracing the Deen . I have dedicated my entire life to spread the Good News of Islam. In order to make this possible I deferred my programme (B.A Social Studies). I have lectured in about fifty towns and villages spreading the attractive nature of Islam. I will do this and more till the day I die.

I have attached some of the pictures of my lectures. The main reason I wrote to you is to seek for your ADVICE , MOTIVATION, GUIDELINES, AND ANY FORM OF SPONSORSHIP TO HELP THIS PROJECT REACH THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SUCCESS. I would be much encouraged if I am notified that my article has read by you because the least of your should be an advice.

May Almighty ALLAH help us all in the DEEN. WASSALM.



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