The Sincere Versus The Betrayers: Nigerian Politics And Elections

04 May 2011

By Babandi Gumel

The just concluded Presidential election in Nigeria has exposed the unfortunate double- faced Nigerians in their true colours. Every Nigerian knew or knows who was and who is General Muhammadu Buhari the incorruptible honest sincere patriotic disciplined soldier turned politician.

He was the only person among politicians who challenged Nigerians to come with any evidence that he was corrupt during his military and political career.

Of course it was on record that he was never found wanting corruption wise which has become the norm among the majority corrupt politicians.

This is sufficient evidence to win voters on his side but unfortunately Nigerians chose to behave differently especially the voters from the South West who were expected to form an alliance Buhari to defeat the ruling Party which is seen as traumatising and holding the Country to ransom.

Haba Nigerians is this the way we should treat every sincere Nigerian simply because he is honest true ready to serve the Nation honestly and truthfully yet we don't want him.

Honestly I don't know the reason why the voters especially those in the South turned against this patriotic disciplined honest Nigerian who stood against corruption and all those associated with this evil greed bedevilling our society.

The unfortunate guiding motto is the callous disregard to the poor and the needy everybody for himself providing privileges for the privileged ones while others are deprived even of their legitimate rights.

In a place where the economic system is propelled by greed and piloted by exploitation leading to the enrichment of few individuals you see nothing but intolerable misery as the political system is meant to prop up injustice, class- privileges and unfortunate distressing economic disparities which has become the norm and reality in our Country.

We need courageous leadership to take us out of the mess and people like General Buhari who Nigerians witnessed what he did to the Country when he was Military leader instilling discipline during the famous War Against Indiscipline in 1984.

So the Presidential election gave them the opportunity to choose Buhari who contested for the third time without success which baffled many this time asking so many questions as to why this happened was it because he was a Northerner or a Muslim? Still we don't know.

Even though I am not trying to be sentimental or sectional and parochial but only want expose our true colours wanting to hit the nail on the head not minding whose ox was gored.

The unfortunate post-election violence mainly in the North which left more than 400 people dead showed the seriousness of the affair although not a do or die affair but yet the traumatic experience left a bitter taste which was difficult to chew and at what cost the ruling party gained such victory.

It was unfortunate for General Buhari who contested twice in the previous elections due to manipulations he ended up in court when party members betrayed him and leaving him to struggle alone yet he remained steadfast consistent which became part of history of his perseverance.

Yet despite his consistent effort he was unsuccessful with only one vote in the Supreme not upturning the decision of the lower court to give him victory.

As a sincere committed person who wanted best for the Nation he decided to abandon his former party that betrayed him joining another party after thorough consultations.

It is a known fact wherever Buhari went corruption would be a thing of the past therefore whoever is corrupt knows that he/she cannot work with Buhari for his known antecedent.

The only weapon commonly used against this steadfast gentle soldier turned politician as propaganda was he was too Religious for that matter Islamic therefore unreliable.

In the beginning when he left the ANPP it was thought that he would join the ACN which was popular among the South Westerners mainly Yorubas but he ended up in the CPC.

The hypothesis put forward was that he would invite the former Governor of Lagos State Ahmad Bola Tinubu a Muslim to be his running mate in the Presidential race.

However the idea was dumped and rejected by many of his supporters who apparently see as a means of driving away the Christian voters thus working against him and his newly formed party. So as part of new strategy the Patriotic Buhari decided to choose a Christian Pastor in the name of Tunde Bakare which surprised so many people.

The Pentecostal Pastor Bakare's organisation described Buhari as the only credible candidate among all those contesting in the Presidential election.

Pastor Bakare of the Rain Assembly Church a Yoruba who was so vocal in his criticism against injustice in the Country was in 2002 arrested for sermon allegedly critical to former President Obasanjo himself a Yoruba.

The choice of Pastor Bakare would help woo at least the Christians voters from the South West and Middle Belt and even those from the South East who unfortunately harboured malicious suspicion against Buhari on mere conjecture not on fact.

Well if a person is not willing to follow what is regarded as truth whatever fact might be presented before him he would do the opposite exactly as seen from this election. So Buhari the Patriotic sincere honest incorruptible Nigerian is a shining example of a true Nigerian who wants move the Country forward but unfortunately many Nigerians turned blind eyes don't want go with him rather they should maintain the status quo and therefore should be left alone to continue doing what they used to do.

Apparently it shows those who are sincere and honest would hardly succeed during election in Nigeria due to ethnic religious and other parochial sentiments.

It is so amusing to note that Ribadu the Presidential Candidate of the ACN did not do so well in the South West during the Presidential election unlike the Parliamentary election which the party swept across the South West unfortunately the voters dumped Ribadu their Presidential Candidate and decided to go with the PDP may be due to the same sentiment.

So why is that I cannot answer except other than to add that Ribadu is unfortunately the same Northerner with an Islamic background even though he used to be an anti-corruption Czar which made him popular among Nigerians especially among South Westerners but refused to vote for him. Apparently as seen by many he was only a figure head so to say presidential candidate that helped strengthen the PDP and caused weakness to Buhari and his CPC.

Why didn't they vote for him in the Presidential well may be like Buhari it is left for the readers to judge. It is the same parochial ethnic sentiment and the usual unfortunate Nigerian betrayal which we refuse to acknowledge.

Sadly Buhari like Sanusi Lamido another workaholic Central Governor from the Muslim Core North is another example of patriotic Nigerian who should be praised like Professor Jega the INEC Chairman who was praised by many foreign observers for conducting free and fair election better than the previous elections despite the post election violence seen.

This Presidential election has served as a lesson to all who care to tell the truth. It is unfair to accuse Buhari for these spontaneous outburst by the irate youths who like the MEND during Obasanjo and Yar Adua's era used to engage in violence activities attacking soldiers in the end they had to be appeased giving them amnesty nobody ever accused Jonathan Goodluck of supporting them when he was the Vice President.

So why should we now turn the gun on Buhari accusing him of fomenting the trouble causing unnecessary mayhem. The unfortunate traumatic post election violence in the north by irate youths who felt betrayed by the ruling PDP party whom they accused as the main culprits for causing untold hardship to ordinary citizens which is why the people did not care to vote en masse in the subsequent elections as they did in the Presidential elections.

So we have to sit down and find ways of moving forward not backward and this is the best time to form a kind of unity Government after the Presidential election result which was marred by post election violence by consulting the stakeholders especially Buhari and the other opposition leaders so as to move forward rather than backwards.

Many Nigerians see him as credible leader with sense of patriotism who should be trusted and consulted rather confronted with unnecessary innuendos with the intention to tarnish his good record.

I am sure as usual he would be willing to give his sincere honest advice the way forward how to move for our beloved Nation which should be united at this time when we are in desperate need of unity caused by unnecessary election mayhem resulting in so many deaths which is very unfortunate.

Wa Akhiri Daawana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen



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