Wanted By Shari'ah Court, For Crimes Against Muslims: The Anti-Islam

02 June 2011

By Ahmed Abdullah

London – Muslims in the UK once again organized an important event, a demonstration entitled "Wanted by The Shari'ah Court for The Crimes Against Muslims", on Tuesday (24/05/2011). The demonstration was held in front of the premises of the British Prime Minister, namely at 10 Downing Street, at 11 AM – 2 PM. This demonstration of ‘hunting for the criminals' such as Obama was organized by the International Shari'ah Court. Allahu Akbar!

From Obama to Sarkozy

There are 13 names of criminals in the poster circulated online, including the US president, Barack Obama who is wanted by the International Shariah Court, for the crimes they have committed against Muslims. Other names are : David Cameron (PM of UK), Nicolas Sarkozy (President of France), Silvio Berlusconi (PM of Italy), George W Bush (Former President of USA), Tony Blair (Former PM of UK), Gordon Brown (Former PM of UK), Benyamin Netanyahu (Former PM of Israel), Dick Cheney (Former Vice President of USA), Condoleeza Rice (Former Secretary of State of USA), General Petraues (US Commander in Afghanistan), Donald Rumsfeld (Former Defense Minister of USA), and lastly Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State of USA).

From Afghanistan to Palestine


In response to the bombing of Muslims, the support for the pirate state of Israel and the propping up of dictators over Muslim countries, attacks on American soil occurred on the 11th September 2001 after which George Bush declared that the United States of America is at war with Islam and Muslims in a crusade. The resulting war in Afghanistan has led to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and displaced an entire population.

Countless Muslims were murdered and raped, others just went missing. Innocent Muslims were rounded up and arrested , tortured to extract confessions and then sent off to the concentration camp ‘Guantanamo Bay'. Here they have been incarcerated with no charges for over 9 years waiting to be tried by a biased military tribunal.

With its Puppet Hamid Karzai in place, the Afghan Government is doing the bidding to implement secular kufr law and to wipe out any traces of Shari'ah from Afghanistan.


Since the start of the murderous war, estimates have placed the Muslim casualties in Iraq at over 600, 000. The policy of the American government has been to suppress any Islamic uprising and to humiliate Islam and Muslims. The policy at the Abu Ghraib concentration and torture camp, where hundreds of Muslim men and women have been rounded up and then degraded with acts of sexual violence and torture is still fresh in the mind of Muslims.

Muslim women were taken and raped repeatedly by US guards, who took turns to rape sisters many times during a day. The Human suffering has been unimaginable, wives have been made into widows, children made into orphans, families torn apart by the murderous US campaign.


Since its creation the United States has been the surrogate father of the Nazi state of Israel, its biggest champion in the region and the biggest provider of military aid to it.

Since the occupation of Palestine in 1947, the state of Israel with the help of the United States has murdered, raped, tortured and kidnapped hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Muslims constantly live in a state of fear in their own homeland under the hegemony of a murderous regime.

That military aid given by the United States has been used to suppress the Muslims in their struggle to liberate the land of Palestine from the Jews.


Since the collapse of the Khilafah in 1924 and the dismembering of the Muslim lands into many states, the United States has invested heavily in maintaining its interests in the area by propping up and supporting dictatorships in Muslim countries in order to suppress the people and the call for the Shari'ah. The US has used these apostate regimes, provided them with both military and financial aid making them prostitutes and subservient to its own interests to the detriment of all others.


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