The Anatomy Of A Modern Crusade: When The Cloud-faced President Bush Uttered

08 June 2012

Aminu F Hamajoda

When the cloud-faced President Bush uttered ‘This is a modern crusade and we will surely win' on the day of the 9/11 attack, Muslim leaders accepted the deceit that Bush, a 56 Year old American President didn't know the meaning of the word ‘crusade' and thereafter naively accepted a retraction by his aides and advisers. The recent exposure of the clandestine US military training manual that declared a total war on Islam, the new American defence plan that focus on creating theatres of war, the increasingly suspicious suicide bombs and massacre of Muslims, and the spread of senseless carnage in Islamic communities across the world must finally convince every Muslim today that we are in a midst of a modern crusade.

The conspiratorial signs started emerging in 1980s when the USSR was dismantled by the CIA using fax machines as today Arab countries are destabilised used social media. The ease with which the soviet bloc was dismantled lead many, including Malaysian Muhammad Mahtir, to view the cold war era as nothing but a discardible strategy used by the West in its hegemonic mission. A tell-tale sign that we might have entered an era where history is scripted rather than evolutionary started to emerge. This was undoubtedly confirmed by the highly publicised Francis Fukuyama's theory of the ‘The End of History' in 1989, in which he glorified the triumph of western liberal capitalism and democracy over all civilisations and cultures and therefore the end of dialectical history. The founding principle of American new defence project for this century is, ‘that it is important to shape circumstances before crises emerge'. It is pertinent to understand that ‘shaping circumstances' means exactly that history will be scripted and staged in regions all over the world like drama is scripted and staged in theaters. This strategy forms the basis of the new ‘theaters of war'.

The persistent insurrection and massacres in Syria is one of the theaters. The prominent principle of the new defense is that no Muslim nation shall develop military technology or science. Syria and Iran, the remaining Muslim countries with modicum of military defense is targeted for destruction. Since the early 1990s, the Pentagon tried to instigate a full scale Sunni-Shiite sectarian war, which failed. Currently NATO Death Squads and all kind of insurrection methods are used to destroy Syria, so that they can finally have Iran for lunch. The only snag to their plan is the Russian-Chinese awareness of their intentions in the region.  Instability and violence in Muslim lands is the American plan to ‘self-destruct Islam', as the military manual indicates.

In regions and countries where Muslims coexist with non-Muslims, the strategy is to isolate Muslims for the final kill. Sudan and Mali were successfully divided into two; Nigeria is predicted to break up in 2015 on the continuously harped myth that the country is divided into a Christian south and a Muslim north. Never mind the Yoruba Muslims in the south or the Christians in the north.

The basis of this western supremacists' mentality that even believes in staging history is built on two cerebral sicknesses. First, is the ingrained fear in the Anglo-American psyche of the alternative thinking by the ‘others'. Malcolm X and Franz Fanon back in 1960s have observed that the white man gets jittery when you don't think the way he wants you to think, once you think independently he gets rattled and start to plot against you and if you imitate him you become his ally. Secondly, he has a wobbled intelligence that is primarily racist and intrinsically hypocritical. The whole gamut of current international affairs is reduced to a nauseating skin game, brutal avarice, double standards and utter hypocrisy. An average Caucasian is a heathen, a nihilist who rejects salvation based on faith, and whose only way of understanding life is through rational sciences. Who sees man as free to do anything on earth-nudity, same sex marriage, euthanasia, genocide, et al.

While Christian eschatology is corrupted to the satisfaction of their ilk, Islam remains the only fully coded religion that gives a complete alternative to western nihilism. But unfortunately anyone with knowledge of software engineering knows that a fully coded program does not guarantee a fully competent user. There is Islam and there are Muslims. Islamaphobia actually stems not from the fear of Muslims but on the fully coded system they can always fall back to in case of retreat. Muslims since the 9th century however have taken Islam as set of rituals to be practiced not a civilisation to be built. In being contented with rituals and the lazy islamization of western institutions, Muslims on their own created windows of vulnerability which the new crusade seeks to exploit in a deadly manner. Lt Colonel Dooley, the military trainer of the ‘total war on Islam' promises that Islam will be reduced to a ‘cult status', that ‘Islam must change or we will facilitate its self destruction'.

The contemporary strategy of containing Islam started with the creation of militancy among Muslims. When European youth started to embrace Islam and Islamic centres and mosques began to spring up in Europe in the 1980s, western leaders became apprehensive. In the Balkans it was a resurgent and a near rise of Islamic power in Bosnia and Kosovo. Jack Chirac, French President then, declared openly that Islam in the heart of Europe was not acceptable. It was a calculated, fully designed annihilative war called ‘ethnic cleansing'. In one area alone, Srebrenisca, 10,000 Muslims were massacred in one night. The West had hope that Islamic countries will join the war so that Islam can be truly wiped out in Europe. It did not happen that way. Out of ignominy, the west turned around to swallow its treachery by attacking Serbia to stop the genocide. But the drive to contain Islam continued.

The humiliation of Arabs in the Middle East continued with Israeli expansions and the daily ritual killings of Palestinians. To crown it, Iraq was lured to invade Kuwait to give an opportunity for the destruction of its nascent military technology. The post war sanctions on Iraq resulted into the death of 400,000 infants that was provocatively described as ‘collateral damage' by the White House. No people on earth who share the same sensibilities would accept a continuous assault on their humanity without reacting.

Religious denomination is not the point, because the Japanese Kamikazes found spiritual justification from Shintoism, the Vietcong from Buddhism and the Sandanista Guerrillas from the Church. The Bible as well contains enough fierce verses to support militancy: Ezekiel 9:6 "Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women". Matthew 10:34 (Christ said!) Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Arab Militants finally struck in September 11, 2001 and the positioning of Islam as the next target of western supremacist attack was achieved. CNN headlines after the attack appeared like a typical Hollywood action film teaser with American and Western leaders speaking like scripted actors.

It was a victory for the modern crusade technique of creating, hijacking and manipulating of militant Islamic groups. Al-Qaeda, originally the name of a CIA database, was created by former Arab CIA members, in less than a decade it became amorphous, with cells acting on their own across the globe. A bombing is followed by a spurious website claiming responsibility by hitherto unknown groups. In all Islamic regions militant groups are rising that quickly lose control on their operations as designed by the modern crusade. Here in Nigeria, the Boko Haram is a canopy for militants, anarchists, avengers and criminals. The USA ensures that pressure is on to continuously create militants in Muslim regions; Iraq, Waziristan, Yemen, Syria and now the Maghreb region, leading a British diplomat in 2005 to describe George Bush as the best recruiting sergeant for Al-Qaeda. Prior to 2002 the Taliban, another CIA creation,  had never declared war on USA, but gradually through genocide in Afghanistan and Waziristan, survivors of family massacres and continuous drone murders were left with no options other than to become militants.

The military strategy of creating militants and the climate of violence in Islamic regions is to link Islam with violence, the latest demonization technique. The ultimate aim of demonising Islam is to create antipathy among non-Muslims. It is an old refurbished technique that is mediaeval in origin. The medieval technique centred mainly on the personality of the prophet and a sexist interpretation of his traditions and the Qur'an. This was followed in the 1980 and 90s by attack on Islamic culture by insiders to create doubt and inferiority complex among nominal Muslims. That is the technique of Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirse, Irsad Manji, and many others who attack Muslim cultures to gain Western passports and acceptance. Currently the technique has gone further to blatantly link Islam with violence, Satan and darkness. US General William Bokyin swore he saw the devil hanging over the sky one evening in Mogadishu; a political candidate compared the Qur'an to Hitler's Mein Kamf, a Danish cartoonist drew the Prophet with grenade in his turban, a US pastor burnt a copy of the Qur'an, the techniques are ceaseless.

The whole scheme of hate-mongering is to produce antipathy towards Muslims for a final genocidal phase. The technique was used successfully by the West to exterminate Red Indians, Mexicans and Australian Aborigines. A group is marked out for hatred and denigration. So in the current campaign, Muslims occupy the lowest rank on the Western hegemonic ladder.  Army trainer, Lieutenant Mathew Dooley for instance, called Muslims ‘barbarians'. But Hate-mongering and genocidal schemes require accomplices and allies. These allies are completely misguided, misinformed and merely lumpen population, highly dehistoricised. The youth of today are weaned on blackberry, facebook and twitter, social networks that only galvanise them to gossip but hardly teach them any history or useful knowledge of the world. It is these generation that is used for the neo-facism in Europe, insurrections in Arab lands, and ethnic cleansing in Africa. Here in Nigeria, lumpen Christians are encouraged to view Muslims as the inferior citizens, parasites, obstacles to national development and thereby the need to split up the nation, while lumpen Muslims wallow in ignorance and intolerance. The dangerous part of the scheme is the ultimate growth of this antipathy among the members of the military and police forces, whose increased presence among unarmed civilians create a mass potential for genocide, the ultimate aim of the modern crusade.

The creation of a policed world will precede the final phase of mass genocide. The USA is demanding and pressurising governments all over the world to enact anti-terrorist laws that like the Patriot Act, will increase policing powers. Complete lost of liberty and exceptional visibility and surveillance will form the core engines of the policed world. Defence and security currently top budgets in the world. Here in Nigeria, defence and security gulped in 7.5% of the annual budget topping all sectors. Growing defence budgets means increased security initiatives like road blocks, security check points and expanded surveillance powers especially in the form of video and air surveillance. No one can get to his place of work, worship, or market without crossing check points and security posts. A whole area or region can be placed under siege making journeys and trading difficult. Gradually people will lose their privacy and liberty. Everyone on earth will be forced to be highly visible, if not on the internet, at least from video cameras, wireless devices, the satellite, or the hovering drones and black helicopters. In short everyone will be visible, vulnerable, and defenceless. A drone can bomb an event, the media will blame a suicide bomber, a website will claim responsibility, and the citizens will never know the truth. Welcome to the second phase of the modern crusade and be prepared for the third phase, genocide.

Aminu F. Hamajoda


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