Shi'ah Is Like A Lion That Is Ready To Pounce, Beware Of Shi'ah's Plots!!!

02 August 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Last April 2012, a demonstration movement, the "Reformasi" was organized in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The target was that, it wants to be like the People Power in Indonesia in May 1998. But it turned out that the demonstration in Kuala Lumpur failed to achieve its target. Instead, a lot of the media in Malaysia denounced the demonstration.

In a discussion with friends in Bandung, I have got the information that the organizer of the "Reformasi" demonstration were the people of Shi'ah. They organized the demo in order to grab certain political benefits. Maybe they want to be like Indonesia in May 1998. After the May 1998 demo, Indonesia entered the era of the Reformasi (reformation). Around 3 years later, during the era of Abdurrahman Wahid, Shi'ah organizations were established in Indonesia, with the name IJABI (Association of Jama'ah Ahlul Bait Indonesia). Since Malaysia has been very strict against Shi'ah all these while, so they are trying to topple the existing regime, so that it would become a "Reformasi regime" like in Indonesia; later, in turn, they will appear as the power of a formal organization (in the like of the IJABI).

Just a note, since the beginning of the establishment of Republika (Indonesian newspaper – ed.) in 1990 (before Reformasi), elements of Shi'ah had already infiltrated it. For example is Haidar Bagir. In the eyes of Habibie (former president – ed.) and the ICMI, who were indeed plain Islamically, they are just the same as ordinary Muslims. Therefore, Habibie and company simply welcomed them. It turned out that, to this day, the people who are pro- Shi'ah and Iran are still nestling in Republika. And in November 1999, when there was a chance for Habibie to become the President of Indonesia again, many of these Shi'ah people were sabotaging him. Yes, that's how their basic nature is... they were given opportunities, facilities and positions; but their payback for the party that gave them positions was by bringing them down instead. If we read the history of Islam, such characters of the Shi'ahs is not so strange at all.

Not long ago, I got the information from different sources that lately, there was an exodus of Shi'ah activists from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur. Their number was said to be big, reaching to thousands of people, Wallahu a'lam. They want to continue the "failed" movement earlier, by adding many new supporters. Besides that, there is another analysis that, they will make the "Reformasi" movement in Kuala Lumpur as an "exercise" for them to hold similar action in Indonesia, in the framework of achieving a change in the political order that is more pro-Shi'ah (or even controlled by the Shi'ahs themselves). It was said that, the time period of this movement in Kuala Lumpur was around a month, before finally returning to Indonesia, through Batam, in July.

For certain, we do not yet know the reality of this information. But there is no harm that we do 3 things, namely: First, to seek information about the movements mentioned above; Second, to truly be wary of the scales of the Shi'ah movements, be it the one that makes Kuala Lumpur as its target, or the situation in our own homeland; Third, to prepare ourselves to face any possibilities, when the feared things above happen in the future.

The analogy is, the Shi'ah people are like a lion that is yet closing its eyes. Under no circumstances assume that the lion is asleep; at any time it could pounce on us, if we get off guard. The Shi'ahs in Iran today have a very high escalation. They started ransacking deeper into Yemen, Saudi and Bahrain. As for Iraq, with deep regret we say, Shi'ah already has a strong control over there. Nas'alullah al ‘afiyah lana wa lil Muslimin Ahlis Sunnah fil Iraq (wa fii kullimakan). Whereas in Syria, they are dealing vis a vis with the Mujahideen of Ahlus Sunnah (commonly referred to by the laymen as "Wahhabi Muslims").

Beware O Ummah!!! Beware O Ahlus Sunnah!!!

Original article in Indonesian by: AM. Waskito


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