Afghanistan: Who Should Be Executed, The Mujahideen Or The National Traitors?

16 September 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

It is an accepted reality and all the free nations are agreed upon it that assisting the invaders at the time of occupation of one's own homeland is not only a betrayal with one's own people but also an unforgiveable felony. World history is fraught with the evidences that the people who have supported the trespassers against their religion, culture and national prestige are always ignominious. It is always regarded an indignity and disgrace for their coming generations.

When Shah Shuja was enthroned by the British on August 17, 1839, he faced tough resistance from Afghans. The Afghan Nation declared holy war against the English nation. In the north of Kabul Mujahid Mir Masjidi Khan and Sultan Muhammad Najrabi, from the south of Kabul Abdullah Khan Achakzi and Aminullah Logari and Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan son of Amir Dost Mohammad Khan accompanied the Mujahideen and they killed Dr. Macnoton on September 23, 1841.

On April 27, 1978 when the former Soviet Union brought the communists in power, the masses resisted and declared holy war against them. At that time every official of the Kabul admin including police and military was the target of Jihad, because they were supporting the infidels. It is also clear that at that time police and soldiers were neither paid by the then Soviet Union nor the communist regime, rather they were recruited by the communists forcefully.

On October 7, 2001 when the Americans and their allied invaded Afghanistan, the Afghan Nation once again unsheathed their swords and entered the field of Jihad. They defeated the invaders who are now to flee. Most of the trespassers have prepared the schedule to escape. The sincere slaves of these invaders are also trying to rebuild their lost reliability among the people.

It is a regret that the American stooges call themselves Mujahideen and expect from the people to respect them. It is a fact that our people respect Mujahideen. But on the other hand Mujahid is one who fights against a non-believer, not the one is under the command of an aggressor and fights one's own people.

There is a great difference between suicide and martyrdom attacks, because suicide is self-killing and martyrdom attack is seeking of martyrdom willingly. The reason behind suicide is frustration from life and the seeking of martyrdom is actually seeking the consent of Allah. It elevates the word of Allah and strengthens the Muslims. The objective is to frighten the enemy, kill them and eventually defeat them.

There are frequent proofs in favor of martyrdom attacks in the Holy Quran, traditions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), sayings and deeds of the holy companions. Various books have been written on this topic i.e. Al-amalyat Al-istish hadia Fil-mezan Al-fiqhi written Shaikh Nawwaf Al-takrori and Al-adilla Al-shar aiya fi Jawaz Al-amalyat Al-istish hadia written by Ali Bin Naif Al-Shahood.

A number of religious scholars have given verdict in favor of martyrdom attacks. Some are as follow:

1. Al-Shaikh Nasir Alumar.
2. Al-Shaikh Ibn-i-Jabrin.
3. Al-Shaikh Suliman Al-alwan.
4. Yousuf Bin Salih Al-ayiri.
5. Abu Ishaq Al-Hawini.
6. Hamood Bin Aqla Al-Shaiibi.
7. Al-Shaikh Nasir-u-Din Al-albani.
8. Dr. Yousuf Al-Qarzawi.

On the other hand the Scholars have put strict conditions on martyrdom attacks. The first condition is the loftiness of target and abstain from public casualties. Therefore in all the messages of Amir-ul-Momineen, it is repeatedly reminded to the Mujahideen to desist from public casualties and be cautious in choosing the target. But most of the time our sly enemy and their stooges blast bombs amid the masses and then blame Mujahideen for it. They have done it in other countries as well.

It is a regret and even unjust that the people who call themselves Mujahideen, do not talk about Jihad in their meetings. They do not ponder upon the ways and means of ending the aggression. They do not say anything about the cruelties of enemy over the masses. Instead they never fed up with the backbiting of the Mujahideen who have taught an admonitory lesson to the enemy whose cries have been heard worldwide.

Report published by Royal United Services Institute

The Royal United Services Institute, a London based so called think-tank published a report yesterday in which it remarked that the Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) are prepared to accept the presence of American forces until 2024 in their talks and other such fatuous jibber-jabber.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns this malicious and strictly propaganda based report of the said think-tank and declares it has no plans of prolonging the American invasion of Afghanistan even for a single day.

Our religion, national interests, national pride and values forbid us from making such illegitimate deals or agreeing to the continuation of invasion or accepting their revolting presence due to fear and our own safety. We believe that this report by the so called think-tank, based on the opinions of a few anonymous faces, is fabricated and consider it the direct work and move of the intelligence circles prepared for its people and for raising the moral of its defeated troops.

In this regard, we ask all media outlets to contact the official spokesmen of Islamic Emirate for verification before publishing such fabrications for propaganda purposes so to affirm their impartiality and negate deceiving the masses.



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