A Detailed Interview With Mulla Abdul Salam, Te Jihadi Commander Of Kunduz Province

02 November 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Question: How do you evaluate the latest military advances of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate inside Kunduz province?

Answer: I would like to say that by the grace of Allah Almighty this year’s spring operation launched under the name of ‘Khybar’ were quite successful throughout Afghanistan generally and particularly inside Kunduz province. Due to the tremendous sacrifices rendered by Mujahidin and the sympathy and support of the oppressed rather the courageous and vigilant people of our country, approximately 60% to 70% area of this province is liberated from the infidels and their stooges and is now under the control of Mujahidin where the sublime Sharia system of life is implemented.

Question: It will be very kind of you if you could provide some information about the casualties and financial losses of the defeated enemy in this province to our esteemed readers!

Answer: By the grace of Allah Almighty, during the ‘Khyber’ Jihadi operations of this year, vast areas of six districts including the central areas of this province came under the control of Mujahidin. The detail is as following:

1.Inside ‘Dasht-i-Archi’ district, these areas have been brought under control:
Wazir Khan Jim, Hasan Hotak, Hazda Nahrian, Arbab Sayed Rahim, Dawiyan, Sofiyan, Sara Matta, Wakil Shair Mohammad, Qarya Haji Naeem, Taraki, Sulaiman Khail, Soor Kot, Shinwari, Mulla Quli, Lamar, Shahrwan, Aka Khail, Daftani, Kakran, Eid Gah, Bajouri etc.

2.Inside ‘Char Dara’ district, the following areas have been captrured:
Nao Abad, Nahr-i-Sufi, Hazratan, Qarya Yateem, Qarya Qasab, Kolabi, Zadran, Esa Khail, Khalazi, Juma Bazaar etc. etc.

3.Inside ‘Imam Sahib’ district, the areas brought under control are:
Seko Prak, Pul-i-Mudeer, Ala Birdi, Qalam Guzar, Naghma Bazaar, Qarghaz, Sangcha etc.

4.In the center, the following are worth mentioning:
Hazrat Sultan, Bouz, Alika, Andjani, Soojyani, Sangoush, Kaltatai, Kata Khail, Malughi etc.

5.Inside ‘Khan Abad’ district, the captured areas are:
Eshan Taup, Mihfali, Bawin and a number of other villages.

In short, during the series of ‘Khyber’ operations, Mujahidin have carried out 429 various tactical attacks in the center and other districts of this province in which 577 internal stooge forces have been killed and 433 others have been wounded. 33 Ranger type vehicles, 28 military tanks and 2 other military vehicles have been destroyed as well as 53 check-posts captured. In these operations only 36 Mujahidin have been martyred and 44 others have been injured.

Question: How successful do you consider the background of this year ‘Khyber’ spring operations?

Answer: As the fighting of ‘Khyber’ has its characteristics just like the battle of ‘Badar’ and ‘Ohud’ in the history of Islam, this year’s spring operations were given the name of ‘Khyber’ as an augury. By the grace of Allah Almighty, as the battle of ‘Khyber’ was a victory over the Jews, similarly, during these operations, Mujahidin conquered areas beyond their expectations throughout Afghanistan particularly in our province and all the malicious objectives and hopes of the enemy were washed away.

Question: The ordinary people are fed up with the ‘Arbaki militia’ in other provinces. How would you explain the misconduct of these notorious militiamen with the masses inside Kunduz province?

Answer: Actually a group of hateful deeds are nowadays called ‘Arbakis’ and these people are formed for this very malicious objective. These people have committed numerous cruelties in our province and an example is the carnage of the ordinary people in ‘Kanam’ area of the central territory. Besides this, they have committed a lot of other felonies which we cannot mention here as they are deeply appalling.

Question: How do you evaluate the level of support of the ordinary people of this province with the Islamic Emirate as compared to the past?

Answer: The masses of Kunduz province have actually always been very supportive of the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and they have extended a helping hand in crucial times. Therefore this Mujahid nation has become the victim of all kinds of cruelties of the foreign infidels and their internal stooge forces and the present corrupt regime has left no stone unturned to torture them as they truly are a Mujahid people. But, by the grace of Allah Almighty, instead of decreasing the level of support for Mujahidin, the atrocities of the foreign invaders and their internal puppet regime has escalated the fervor, enthusiasm and sincerity of the masses with Mujahidin and the consequences are quite visible in the shape of recent achievements of Mujahidin.

Question: Kunduz province has its strategic importance and, as you mentioned, its masses have been supportive of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, now the question is if the foreign forces are withdrawn from this province and the administration is left with the internal corrupt elements; will the people not eradicate them with your support?

Answer: With the support of Allah Almighty, in a very short time there will public uprising against this spiteful and unjust admin of the infidel foreigners and their internal wicked forces. As this dependent and mercenary administration enjoys no support amongst the masses, therefore, there whole system will be rolled back in a very short span of time.

Question: If you could briefly inform our readers about the affection or hatred of the common people of the northern provinces of our country against the foreign invaders!

Answer: As the masses of Afghanistan are religious and Jihad loving people and northern areas are its inseparable part, it is a vital fact that the masses in the north has no liking for the foreign invaders and occupiers and the evident example of their hatred and abhorrence against the foreign infidel forces is their armed struggle or Jihad and their endless sacrifices. Here I would like to mention only an example. When the Dutch people visited a school inside ‘Sarak Bala’ area of ‘Char Dara’ district, they were welcomed with stones by the children to the extent that their heads were broken with stones. Eventually the visiting team was forced to run away. Later on, the mercenary security forces imprisoned several villagers in retaliation.

Question: What are your future operational plans?

Answer: I would like to say that we have superior fighting plans as it is our duty which will prolong till the complete defeat and expulsion of the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries by the grace of Allah Almighty. Our final objective is the establishment of a pure Islamic system of government. Whenever a plan is productive and feasible, we implement it.

Question: What is your message to Mujahidin and the Muslim masses of our beloved country?

Answer: My message to Mujahidin is that they should remain steadfast against the foreign occupiers and united among themselves. They should remain vigilant against all the deceptions and conspiracies of both the internal and external enemy. They should remain united among themselves and sincere to the lofty cause of Jihad as united we stand and divided we fall.

And my message to the Muslim masses of our country is that they should maintain their undying support towards Mujahidin as they have done it in the past; as Mujahidin are the sons and brothers of this courageous nation who have always sacrificed their lives to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of this freedom loving nation. It is the duty of every Muslim Afghan either to become himself a Mujahid or to extend full support towards Mujahidin.


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