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Holocaust Envelops Palestinians: Through Repression, Institutionalized Discrimination, Murder And Systematic Abuse

Better To Play It Safe Than Be Sorry: Don't Spite At Getting Your Own Fingers Burned!

A Missing Sense Of Ethics: Just Adhere To The Basic Principles And Guidelines Of This Great Religion

A Citizen Without Citizenship: With No Emotional Connection To A Homeland Of Forefathers

Honesty Is The Best Policy: This Is What Should Be Implanted In The Minds Of All

Friday Sermons For The Faithful: Cleanliness Of Environment - Another Teaching Of Islam

Put An End To The Vilification Of Islam: Taking On Extreme And Sinister Guises

'A Day That Will Live In Infamy': Donald Trump's Recognizing Jerusalem

What A Waste Of Words: Following A Brief Rain In Jeddah

The Public Has Spoken: The Recent Arrests And The Freezing Of Assets Of Princes

Expatriates Born And Raised In Saudi Arabia: Just Grant Them The Nationality!

How They See Us: Sophia The Saudi Robot That Gets Saudi Citizenship Before Kafala Workers

Spread The Happiness Around

The Brits Start The Fire And Then Bail Out

We Have Daesh And We Have Israel

These Are Challenging Times

Segregation Of The Medical Profession

Jeddah Airport: The 'World's Worst'!

Saudi Arabia: Road Safety Is In The Interest Of All

Responsible Behavior Is Part Of Civic Duty

The Journey Of Life Together: The State Of Matrimonial Harmony In Saudi Arabia

Bangladeshi Politics Mired In Regression

What Is Absurd About Murder?

Obama, Khamenei, Assad Share Cautious Optimism on Trump Presidency!

Taking The Ritual Of Haj One Step Further

The Israelis Cannot Muzzle Social Media

A Scorpion In Pakistani Politics

Timely Intervention By Saudi Leadership: The Kingdom's Commitment To Standards And Ethics

Pokémon Go: The New Bogeyman - On The Disappointing State Of Arab Society

Art Appreciation Is A Foundation Of Any Culture

Counter Islamophobes With Positive Narrative

The Arab World Has Had Enough!! The Advancement Of Extremist Ideology

How Extremism Overshadows Islam: The Result Of Intellectual Shallowness And Lack Of Religious Insight

As The Curtain Draws To A Close: Ramadan Winding Down To Its Conclusion

Look Them In The Eye And Tell Them To Buzz Off !!

A Case Of False Alarm: Ramifications On The Sociological, Economic, Demographic And Cultural Aspects

Will The Spirit Of Ramadan Prevail?

Mideast Peace Must Come From Within: Ramadan Time For Unity And Promoting The End Of Hostilities And Violence

'Death to America?' Seriously? An Evidence Khomeini's Legacy Is Complicated

Is Saudi Arabia a 'Free Rider'? Obama And The Politics Of Keeping Sadi Busy

We Need A Vibrant And Critical Media: Vigilance The Price Of Liberty

The Ills Of Overspending: Saudis Racking up Huge Debts From Which There Is Little Escape

The Muslim World's Growing Concerns: Palestinians, Rohingya in Myanmar, Kashmiris, Syrians, Afghans...

Two Sides Of A Coin Called America

Are We A Happy People? ...Still A Lot Remains To Be Done

The President Is In Town: Rating Obama's Two Terms As President

If I Were An American: A Saudi Nationasl's Insight To The US Presidential Elections

Human Rights And The Expatriate: The Basis Of Justice, Consultation And Equality In Saudi Arabia

A Jewish Voice For Peace

The Prostitution of America

An Encounter Between a Yemeni And an Indian

A Clandestine Group In Our Midst: With Fringe Organisations Such As The Freemasons

The UAE Adds Another Notch

A Journey Through Hearts And Minds

Arab Peace Plan? Stop The Debauchery And Give Peace A Genuine Chance

It's Iran's Moment Of Truth: The Iranian People Must Collectively Demand Administration Goodwill With Neighbouring States

An Arab Peace Corps And Why Now?

Nimir al-Nimir is the Shiite Version of Fares al-Shuwail

Conscience Takes A Back Seat

A Case Of 'Flag Terrorism': Governments of Both India and Pakistan

Why Does Terrorism Dominate The Headlines?

An Argument Demanding A Second Look

Religious Bigotry In A US Educational Institution -- The Sowing Of Discontent Among People Of Different Religions And Faiths?

It Could Only Happen In America

Of Israeli Intransigence And 'Wild Beasts': The Slow Death Of The Palestinian People

Disguised Islamophobia At US College

A Racist And Islamophobic Message

A Case For Women's Empowerment: Inroads Into The Saudi Kingdom, Traditional Barriers

There Is No Arab Spring For This Hapless Lot: A Tragedy That Had Begun As Hope

Bangladesh Swings On A Pendulum

Israel Muzzles Freedom Of Speech: The Wave Of Questions Arising Over Israel's Apartheid Activities

Saudi Arabia: Vast Improvements In The Judiciary

A Little Compassion Can Go A Long Way: Make 2016 A Year Of Compassion Towards All Living Creatures

Tearing Down The Man-made Barriers: Women And Men Working Alongside Each Other Seen As Violation Of Religious Teachings

Saudi Arabian Airlines Soars To New Heights

Islamic Anti-terror Force A Timely Step: Formation Of A New Alliance To Counter Extremist Threats Will Help

Saudi Arabia: The Tentacles Of Greedy Sponsors - No Less Than Forcing One Into Slavery

How America Gets Hijacked From Within: The Deep Pockets Of Aipac And Its Sympathisers - It's Israel First

Beware Of The Phony Bounty: Various Sources Purportedly In Africa And Asia

Saudi Arabia: Art The Cornerstone Of Any Culture - The Aesthetic Feature Of Any Society

'Modi On Track To Cripple India'

The Unsung Heroes Among Us: Goodwill That All Should Exercise In The Service Of Humanity

Rising Spectre Of Diminishing Values In India: Recent Incidents Of Intolerance Do Not Augur Well For Future

Give With One Hand, Take With The Other: Municipal Elections In Saudi Arabia Including Female Candidates For The First Time

Bringing The Current Holocaust To The Fore: Benjamin Netanyahu, Like Ariel Sharon, A Man With War Crimes

Shaping A Secure Future: The Saudi Government In The Business Of Absorbing All Job Seekers

School 'Principal' Or 'Leader': What Difference Does It Make To The Quality Of Education?

Growing Spectre Of Hate Crimes In UK: The Racial And Ethnic Motives Against Members Of The Muslim Community

Rejecting The Message Of Violence: No To Groups With Twisted Ideologies, Spreading Their Message Of Destruction

America Is Selling Out On Its Principles: US Politicians Continue To Seek Zionist Dollars

The Welfare Of Saudi Citizens: King Salman's Commitment To Continue The Kingdom's Development

A Cause To Act Upon: Genocide Indeed Taking Place In Myanmar

Big Boots To Fill: Mr. Aftab Khokher The Outgoing Pakistani Diplomat

What Impression Of The Kingdom Do Visitors Get At Jeddah Airport?

In The Service Of Others: The Marginalised Workers In The Gulf And Their Plights

Israel Pushing Palestinians Into A Corner: Netanyahu's Alarmist Speech At The UN

A Two-headed Snake In Our Midst: Iran And Israel Pursuing Nuclear Programme

Let OIC Not Remain A Toothless Tiger: The Plight Of The Rohingya (Muslims) In Myanmar

America is Selling Out On Its Principles: Choosing To Take Sides

India's Risk Of Adopting Anti-secularism

The Welfare Of Saudi Citizens: Shot in The Arm For Riyadh

A City In Search Of Records: A Jeddah Businessman And Personality

Defending The Fairer Sex: That Is What Is Expected From A Civilized Society

An End To A ‘Manufactured Crisis'

Legislation Required Against Diploma Mill Degree Bolders

Charity Does Indeed Matter: Al Waleed and Al Ghurair

A Christian Terrorist Plot That Goes Unreported

I Am A Muslim And I Am Angry: Delivering A Message

Through The Eyes Of A Holocaust Survivor

Finally, A Ray Of Light Through Dark Clouds: Shackles of Israeli Stranglehold

Uighur Muslims Face Ramadan Trials

Hypocrisy Is Not A Four Letter Word

Crimes That Remain Unpunished: Genocide And Terrorism In The Name Of Freedom Or Democracy

Impotent Leadership At The United Nations: Latest Brazen Cover-up To The List Of Fraudulent Practices

Crimes That Remain Unpunished: Genocide Against The Rohingya People

Through The Eyes Of A Holocaust Survivor: Smokescreen From Israelis And Their Sympathisers

A Holocaust On The Horizon: For The Sake Of Humanity, The Authorities in Myanmar Must Be Brought To Their Senses

One Of The 50 Places To See Before You Die: Our Thoughts On The Plights Of Our Nepali Brethren

Merchants Of Death Flex Their Muscles: Their Game Is Get Us Hooked, While They Rake In The Billions!

When Clerics Collide Over Differing Ideologies

The Youth Rise To The Challenge In Kashmir

Spoken Like A Diplomat: The Emergence Of The Buddhist Terrorist Group, BBS

Minorities in Sri Lanka face growing terror: Buddhist Sinhalese Terrorists Attacks Against The Muslims

No Entry For Women: Kingdom's Commitment To UN Recommendations

Through The Eyes Of A 15-year-old

From Mohamed To Mohandas: Ghettoization Of Muslims In Cities Like Mumbai

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