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Her Parents Want Her To Get Married; She Is 17 Years Old And Feels That She Is Still Too Young

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i have a problem my parents want me to get married and i am 17 i am not sure if i should am i to young?

Praise be to Allaah.

If the person who is proposing marriage to you is a righteous man with a good attitude, I think that you should agree to get married. Marriage is a natural need in both men and women, and this is a good age to get married. May Allaah help you and bless you with a righteous husband, and with righteous offspring.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Duwaysh.

Girls have gotten married at a younger age than this, and their marriages have been successful. Life is experience, and as time goes by you will become more able to bear responsibilities. Protecting yourself by getting married is better than remaining exposed to the dangers of all kinds of desires and deviations, especially in misguided societies such as the society in which you live. Seek reward by forming a Muslim family and a Muslim home, and seek reward by keeping a Muslim man chaste. May Allaah help us and you to do all that is good.

She is taking care of her disabled brother and her parents want her to get married

I have a brother who is severely disabled and requires full time support and attention. I am at an age at which my parents are concerned to get me married being a daughter and I understand their responsibility. However, I am very close to my brother and cannot bear to be separate from him. Also my main concern is that both my parents are not in the best of health and I know it will be very difficult to cope without me. At the present time I cannot mentally accept getting married to anyone. What can I do?

Praise be to Allaah.

You have done a good thing by taking care of your brother; this is an act of kindness towards him and towards your parents. But marriage is a Sunnah, one of the ways of the Prophets, which Allaah has prescribed for His slaves and He has created them with an inclination towards it. I think that you have the choice of a number of solutions, as follows:

If you can afford to hire someone to take care of your brother, this would be good. Or you could look for some good people who would sponsor all or part of his care.

Or you could get married and have your brother come and live with you, so that you can carry on looking after him.

If you find someone who agrees to get married on condition that you stay with your parents in order to take care of your brother, and your husband comes to visit you in your house or you go out to visit him sometimes, this may be a good idea.

If none of these solutions are easy for you, and you feel that delaying marriage will not cause fitnah (temptation) for you, there is no sin on you in that case. But if you fear that you will be subjected to fitnah, then it is better for you to get married, because this will protect your religious commitment, and serving your brother is not an obligation upon you, rather it is voluntary good work.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ĎAbd-Allaah al-Duwaysh


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