86. Surah At-Triq سورة الطارق


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan, consisting of 17 verses.(At-Triq)
Ayah  86:1  الأية
بِسْم ِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First  1  الأية
By the heaven and the night-visitor! (al-tāriq actually denotes any thing that comes by night, including stars, because they come out at night).
Ayah  86:2  الأية
And what will tell you what the night-visitor is? (māl-tāriq is a subject and predicate, standing as the second object of [the verb] adrā, tell; and what comes after the first mā, what, is the predicate thereof [of this first mā]) this [statement] emphasises the magnificence of the night-visitor, which is explained in what follows. It is:
Ayah  86:3  الأية
The piercing, the brilliant, because of its piercing the darkness with its light, star!, meaning [the constellation] Pleiades; or [it refers to] all stars (the response to the oath [follows]):
Ayah  86:4  الأية
Over every soul there is a keeper (if read la-mā, then mā is extra, and in, is softened in place of the hardened form with its subject omitted, that is to say, innahu; the lām is [a particle] for separation; if read lammā, then in is for negation and lammā means illā, except that) the watcher is an angel that keeps a record of its deeds, both the good and the evil.
Ayah  86:5  الأية
So let man consider, by way of reflection, from what he was created, from what thing:
Ayah  86:6  الأية
the response is: He was created from a gushing fluid, gushing forth from the man and the woman into the womb,
Ayah  86:7  الأية
issuing from between the loins, of the man, and the breast-bones, of the woman.
Ayah  86:8  الأية
740 Assuredly He, exalted be He, is able to bring him back, to resurrect man after his death; and so when he reflects on his origins, he will realise that the One who was able to do this is also able to resurrect him,
Ayah  86:9  الأية
on the day when [all] secrets, the hidden convictions and intentions of the hearts, are inspected, [when] they are examined and revealed,
Ayah  86:10  الأية
whereat he, the one who denies resurrection, will have neither strength, to defend himself against chastisement, nor any helper, to avert it from him.
Ayah  86:11  الأية
By the heaven of returns, [of] the rain that returns time and again,
Ayah  86:12  الأية
and [by] the earth of fissures, splitting with [the growth of] vegetation,
Ayah  86:13  الأية
assuredly it, the Qurān, is a decisive word, distinguishing between truth and falsehood,
Ayah  86:14  الأية
and it is not a jest, frivolity or falsehood.
Ayah  86:15  الأية
Indeed they, that is, the disbelievers, are devising a plot, they are preparing plots against the Prophet (s),
Ayah  86:16  الأية
and I [too] am devising a plot, drawing them by degrees [towards destruction] from whence they know not.
Ayah  86:17  الأية
So respite, O Muhammad (s), the disbelievers; grant them respite ([reiterated as] an emphasis, one enhanced by the use of a different form [mahhil, amhil]), that is to say, put them off, for a little (ruwaydā is a verbal noun emphasising the import of the operator, and is the diminutive form of rūd or irwad, with shortening of final consonant [ruwaydan, ruwaydā]). Surely enough God, exalted be He, seized them at Badr and abrogated [the dispensation of] granting respite by the sword verse, in other words, by the command to fight and struggle.

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