98. Surah Al-Baiyinah سورة البينة


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan or Medinese, consisting of 8 verses.(Al-Bayyinah)
Ayah  98:1  الأية
بِسْم ِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First  1  الأية
The disbelievers from among (min: explicative) the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, that is, the idol-worshippers (wal-mushrikīna is a supplement to ahl, the People of) were not going to leave off (munfakkīna is the predicate of yakun, were), that is to say, they were not going to abandon their ways, until the clear proof, namely, Muhammad (s), should come to them, that is, [until] it came to them;
Ayah  98:2  الأية
a messenger from God (rasūlun minaLlāhi substitutes for al-bayyinatu, the clear proof), namely, the Prophet (s), reciting pages purified, of [all] falsehood,
Ayah  98:3  الأية
wherein are upright precepts, written rulings that are upright, that is to say, one who recites what contains all that, and that is the Qurān. Thus some of them believed in it, while others disbelieved.
Ayah  98:4  الأية
And those who were given the Scripture did not become divided, regarding belief in him [the Prophet] (s), except after the clear proof had come to them, namely, the Prophet (s) or the Qurān which he brought as his miracle. Before his (s) arrival they had all agreed to believe in him when he would come; then those who disbelieved in him from among them became envious of him.
Ayah  98:5  الأية
And they were only commanded, in their Scripture, the Torah and the Gospel, to worship God (illā li-yabudū 758 means illā an yabudū, an having been omitted and the lām added) devoting religion purely to Him, [free] of any idolatry, as hanīfs, upright in [following] the religion of Abraham and the religion of Muhammad (s), when he would come so how is it that they disbelieved in him?, and to establish prayer and pay the alms. That is the upright religion, the upright creed.
Ayah  98:6  الأية
Truly the disbelievers from among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters shall be in the fire of Hell, to abide therein (khālidīna: an implied circumstantial qualifier, in other words, it will be decreed for them by God, exalted be He, to abide therein) those are the worst of creatures.
Ayah  98:7  الأية
Truly those who believe and perform righteous deeds they are the best of creatures (al-bariyya means alkhalīqa).[98:8  الأية
Their reward with their Lord will be Gardens of Eden, as a residence, underneath which rivers flow, wherein they shall abide forever. God is pleased with them, because of [their] obedience of Him, and they are pleased with Him, because of His reward. That is [the reward] for him who fears his Lord, [for him] who fears His punishment and hence desists from disobeying Him, exalted be He.

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