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The Awqaf Muslim Open College :: Islamic Studies Islamic School


The Awqaf Africa Muslim Open College :: كلية الأوقاف الإسلامية المفتوحة

This award is tailored for the beginners with no or less awareness and/or no previous courses in Islamic Studies 

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the appropriate combined courses and have their oral examinations and interviews at the end of their courses linked to ensure their abilities and/or originalities which count towards the awards. There are no credit selection procedure and no level or qualification required for entry for these awards. Nevertheless, preliminary exercises are set down to help determine how digestible and suitable each subject might be for students, especially the beginners with no or less awareness and/or no previous courses in Islamic Studies. For this reason, AWQAF seeks to ensure that students are fit and able by offering them as much supports, advice, and informations as early as possible. AWQAF maintains most students are most suitable and therefore successful when they start at this level not only because the level introduces particular subject arears, but also because it develops skills that will be extremely valuable as students continue their studies for these awards or they go on to further their studies at AWQAF's higher levels.

Studies towards Certificates take minimum two years each academic year lasting nine months, opening two weeks after (the pilgrimage or) ‘I^d ul kabi^r and closing a week before (the fasting month of) Ramadxa^n. For a pre-application consultation with AWQAF to secure you a suitable course and place for study, please write freepost to:

The Registrar at: 

The Awqaf Freepost NAT16282 P.O. BOX 46044 London W9 3BR or fax: 020 72662267


N.B: This Prospectus - unlike other (public) documents of The Awqaf regarding which the Trust has concluded not suitable to carry verses of the Holy Qur'an or the Noble Hadith in fear of public mishandlings - contains verses of the Holy Qur'an and the Noble Hadith. Please handle it with care, honour, and cleanness.

Free Islamic And Arabic Studies in English And Arabic At The Awqaf With recognized Certificate (Cert.), Ordinary Diploma (OD), Advanced Diploma (AD), And Higher Diploma (HD)...

Free Arabic And Islamic Studies

Muslim Open College

  1. WELCOME ADDRESS From The Registrar
  2. STUDYING WITH The Awqaf
  6. CERTIFICATE (Cert.)
  7. Cert. Theology

  8. Cert. Jurisprudence

  9. Cert. Literature

  10. Cert. History

  12. OD Theology

  13. OD Jurisprudence

  14. OD Literature

  15. OD History

  16. OD Sociology

  18. AD Theology

  19. AD Jurisprudence

  20. AD Literature

  21. AD History

  22. AD Sociology

  23. AD Finance

  25. HD Theology

  26. HD Jurisprudence

  27. HD Literature

  28. HD History

  29. HD Sociology

  30. HD Finance

  31. AWQAF Africa In Brief

The Awqaf Muslim Open College


About Us :: عنّا

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  Objectives, Projects And Activities Of The Awqaf For Da'wah, Education And Aid & Relief

  Area Of Activities Of The Awqaf For Da'wah, Education And Aid & Relief
  Origin Of The Awqaf In Providing Da'wah, Education And Aid & Relief
  Sources Of Funds And Resources Of Awqaf Africa For Da'wah, Education And Aid & Relief
  Nature Of The Awqaf
  The Awqaf In Brief
  Structures Of Awqaf Africa In Providing Da'wah, Education And Aid & Relief
  Definitions Of Awqaf Africa

The Awqaf [TheAwqaf.Com] in Brief

 ويحلّ لهم الطيّبات ويحرّم عليهم الخبائث - الأعراف 157

"...He (Allah) allows them At-Tayyibaat (all good and lawful) and prohibit them Al-Khabaa`ith (all evil and unlawful)" [Q7:157]


 محررتنا أم عبد الله أديلابو مديرة هذا الموقع بإشراف شيخنا الشيخ أبي عبد الله أديلابو و إرشاده - حفظهما الله و حفظ أهلهما - 

Our Editor And Director Is Umm-Abdullah Adelabu Who Is The Director Of This Site With Supervision And Guidance Of Our Sheikh, Sheikh Abu-Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D Damas) - May Allah (s.w.t.) Protect Both Of Them And Their Family

شيخنا: الشيخ عيد الفتَّاح أبو عبد الله تائوو أديلابو 

Our Sheikh Is: Sheikh Abdul-Fattah Abu-Abdullah Taiwo Adelabu (Ph.D. Damas)

المزيد من المعلومات عن شيخنا 

More Information About Our Sheikh

s The Awqaf (also known or referred to as AWQAF) serves all countries of Africa: South, North, West, East, and other territorial geography of the continent including its islands in Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean Seas as well as Caribbea

s The Awqaf seeks the causes of suffering, poverty, and Islamophobia and tries to eliminate them under the amiable banner of Islam

s Sheikh Abdulfattah Abu Abdullah Adelabu (Ph. D. Damas), a West African Islamic Academic founded Awqaf Africa, of which he's the first al Amir (i.e. President).  Sheikh Abu Abdullah was studying Postgraduate Degrees in Damascus early 1990's during when Syria reviewed its national security including immigration control...

s The Awqaf is an independent establishment with a firm principle to stay neutral and distance itself from exploitations by politicians, lobbies from business prominent, or affiliations with military strugglings.  The Awqaf maintains Jihad or Struggling For The Cause of Islam is a faith as well as a duty, and therefore does not champion any struggling other than that of Islam

s Waqfs [Awqaf] or Habs (i.e. Endowments From al Amir, Members Of ash Shura, And Muslim Donors)


يمكنك إستعمال الوسائل التالية لتراسلنا 

You Can Contact Us Through Following Ways:

واسطة البريد الإلكتروني 

For Email Click Here: Email The Awqaf

واسطة صندوق البريد 

By Post: 

The Awqaf

P. O. Box 46044, Maida Vale, London W9 3WN The United Kingdom

واسطة الفاكس :: By Fax: +44 (0) 207 266 2267

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