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Syria: Looking For Ways Out Of The Maze - Russia Has Been Forced To Face The Limits Of Its Power

Iran: Speaking Swedish, Acting North Korean - The New Khomeinist Regime's Ideological Emptiness

Trump, The Ayatollah And The Wizard Of Oz: A Cyber-space Bomb Against Khamenei

Iran Nuclear Problem Must Be Re-Visited: The 'Great Satan' Or, In Corbyn's Lexicon, 'Imperialist Bully'

Iran: Anatomy Of A National Revolt - The Change That May Be Delayed But Won't Be Denied

Behind the Latest Protests in Iran: Bringing Iran Out Of The Historic Impasse Created By Khomeini

2017 - The Year of The Rohingya: The Victims Of Own Central Government And "National" Army

Where Russian And Iranian Aircraft Carriers Clash

The Mullahs Overplay The Military Card: Khamenei Beating The Drums Of War

The Mullahs Overplay The Military Card: Khamenei Beating The Drums Of War

ISIS, Missiles And Iranian Military In Yemen: Who Speaks For Tehran?

Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?

Inside Saudi Arabia: The Usual Suspects and a New Method

How Iran Tried to Turn Arab States into Fading Ghosts

Iran And 'The Great Satan': A 4-Decades Old Saga

The Iran Deal: The Dog's Dinner Obama Dished Out

Putin's Quest For a Monroe Doctrine

Putin Faces Growing Problems over Support for Assad in Syria

Lessons Trump Can Learn From Obama

Universal Language of Poetry with an Iraqi Accent

In Paris: Another Vanity Confab on Palestine

Obama and the Palestinian Fig Leaf

2016 - The Year of Aleppo?

2016 - The Year of Aleppo?

With Trump the Pendulum Swings Away From Obama's Schemes

Iran's Press Change Tune on the ''Nuke Deal''

In Aleppo, Russia Continues a Long History

No ''Trump'' Sign on Obama's Ziggurat

Rouhani Tries to Salvage the Nuclear Deal With Obama

Liberating Mosul: The 5 Weaknesses of the Battle Plan

Trump May Find Nothing More to Offer Putin

Dear Francois, You're Wrong on Syria

Trump as President isn't Good News for Bashar Al-Assad

Trump Promises New Start in US Foreign Policy

Trump Wins With Five ''Nos''

New Books on the Kingdom: Understanding and Misunderstanding

Michel Aoun in Iranian Media: from Warlord to Man of Peace

Moscow, Tehran Ponder Next Moves in Aleppo

Clinton or Trump - Better or Less Bad?

The Middle East Between Neo-Ottomans and Neo Safavids

US Election Day - Come Back America

Iran Fears Being Side-lined by Russia in Syria

How Trump Turned High Politics into Reality Television

The ''Family'' Obama Says He Will Miss on Leaving the White House

Trump Has Played a Useful Role

JASTA: 3 Scenarios for a Disputed Text

How to Cuddle the Russian Bear

JASTA: Misconceived and Stillborn, Can it Survive?

Fate of Whistle-blower Divides American Media

Last Premier before Iran's Revolution Passes Away

Iran - Rich and Submissive or Poor and Pure?

Syria Policy in Flux in Washington, Moscow and Tehran

US Election - the Unloved Known and the Feared Unknown

The Mullah, the Prince and the Taqiyah Trap

US Media Learning to Live with the Trump Nightmare

Trump Too Leads a ''Resentment Rainbow''

America and Obama's Resentment Rainbow

Turkish Military Presence in Syria Worries Iran

Syria - Why Assad Has Become Irrelevant

Iran and Russia: Old Enemies, New Allies

Iran Needs to Bury Khomeini's Ghost

Iran: Russia's New Aircraft Carrier in the Mideast

The 'Satan' And Ayatollahs: A Year Later - The Diplomatic Deception of the Century

The Human Body as a Weapon of War: A Discourse Leaving Most Muslims Indifferent Or Annoyed

Americans Facing a Hobson's Choice

Turkey - Towards a ''One and a Half Party'' System

Iran's Great Storyteller Dies in Silence

Turkey - The Clash of the Two Parties of the Past

Turkey: Erdogan Wins First Round of a Long Fight

The Exile That Might Derail Erdogan's Grand Design

Terrorism - No One is Safe Anywhere

Britain - Chasing the Brexit Mirage

Iran Rethinks Syrian Fantasies: Al-Assad Swallowing Unspecified Bitter Pill

The Riddle That is Donald Trump

Iran- Why Mullahs Need the Old Jaw-shutter

Could Tehran Face Charges of Mercenary Crimes?

Tighten Our Belts For President Trump?

Iran's New Map of Funerals: The Syrian Adventure Is A Costly Exercise In Tragic Futility

Iraq - Turmoil Between Two Empires

Tehran Calls Up Retired Gen. Rezaei After Losses in Aleppo

Hologram Presidency May Not End With Obama

Iran - The ''Golden Age'' That Was Not

Iran - Why Has the Obama Gamble Failed?

Tehran Warns Moscow on Change Of Course in Syria

Upper Qarabagh: The ''Black Garden'' of Conflicts

The Challenges of a Split Personality

Syrian Refugees - the Myth and Reality of a Brand

Iranian Press: Reading between the Lines

Aleppo: A City That Refuses to Die

Russia in Syria - Stated and Unstated Goals

Syria: Iranian Policy Caught Between Russia and Turkey

Turkey - That's the Press, Baby!

US Presidential Election: A Bumpy Road Ahead

When the Question About Iran Has a Japanese Answer

Iran: A Setback for Hardliners and Little Cheer for Reformists

Three Fires That Burn Syria

Where More Mullahs Mean Less Religion

Syria: Rival Powers and Their Second Choice

Iranian Elections: the Chinese Model Vs. the North Korean Model

Iran- the Revolution That Produced Only Losers

Iran: Disputed Elections - the Media Faces a Challenge

The Ayatollah Looks East and Finds a Void

The Iran ''Deal'' - A Tale of Double Deception

Russia- The Rooster That Putin Should Hear

Is Western Media Showing ''Saudiphobia''

Saudi Arabia and the Iranian Schizophrenia

Iran - Dark Clouds on the Economic Horizon

US Presidential Election - the Right to Make the Wrong Choice

Syria - a Poisoned Gift for Putin and Erdogan

Khamenei And An Offer That Can Be Refused

For Putin, Big Sortie in Tehran: Like Shiite Iran, Russia Developed A Tradition Of Martyr-worship

Iran's Oldest Daily Blows out 90 Candles

Obama's MidEast Policy: An Obituary By John Kerry

In Tehran: A Hot Potato Nobody Wants To Touch

Iran's Trojan Army Makes A Splash In Iraq

Why Is The ''Right War'' Taking A Wrong Turn?

The Risks of Having Giant Friends: Russia Propping Up Assad Undermining The Very Interests It Wants To Protect

Syria And The World—Victory Or Compromise?

The Ayatollah Dreamed It, Obama Delivers It: Pax Americana - End of America

No, Bashar Al-Assad Is No Joseph Stalin: Regardless Of His Personal Qualities, Or Lack Of Them

Hubris Puts Iran In Danger: Tehran's Series Of Bluffs Thanks To Obama's Weird Behavior

The ''Candy'' the Mullahs Gave to Obama

The Supreme Guide and the Substance of the Angels

When Obama Adopts the Mullahs' Style

Syria And The World — Victory Or Compromise? The Spectrum Of Assad's Russia And The Mullahs Of Tehran

As Iran Builds Naval Power, It Looks To Oman As The Big Prize

When the Ayatollah Dictates Poetry: The Persian Classical Style Of Panegyrics For Despotic Rulers

The Iran "Deal"—A Fragile Arrangement

An American Scenario for Taming the Mullahs of Tehran

Iran Between Two Fantasies: More Mischief At Home And Abroad

Iran Nuclear Deal: Winners and Losers: Tehran World Capital For Almost All Terrorist Organizations

Obama's Potemkin Villages: Including Burma, Cuba, Ukraine And Syria

Nuclear Accord Intensifies Power Struggle In Tehran

Is Iran Now Under the Tutelage of the Six World Powers?

After Iran Nuclear Deal—Best and Worst Case Scenarios

A Symphony of Parallel Tragedies: Iran Nuclear Saga—No Deal Yet

Khamenei Tries To Force Generals Back Into Line

The "Most Dangerous Woman" in America: New York Brunette, The Queen Of Conspiracies

How The New Erdoğan Killed The Old One: When Turkey Went To The Polls To Vote

Russia And The Danger Of Conspiracy Theories

When Israel Vetoed A Plot To Kill Khomeini In Paris

Why Iran Cannot Deliver What Obama Hopes: Buying The Carpet That Tehran Is Willing To Sell

Why Is Rouhani Coddling The Military? The Strategy Of Normalization With The ''Great Satan''

Europe's Feeble Efforts To 'Punish' Israel

Has Obama Made Agreement With Iran More Difficult? Back To The Original Baseline

Why The Lebanese Scenario Won't Work In Yemen: The Houthis Have Exaggerated Their Gun Power

Iran's Nuclear Drama: From ''Death to America'' to ''Anxious Hearts''

Iran's Nuclear Drama: From ''Death to America'' to ''Anxious Hearts''

Talkers Vs. Deciders in Iran's Foreign Policy: Who Is In Charge Of Iran's Foreign Policy?

France's Uncertain Enemy: The Blame Game Is Extended With Another Item - Islamophobia

Iran And The Yemeni Hornet's Nest: The Latest Nation To Embrace The Khomeinist Ideology

The Mullahs' Contrasting World Visions: A Composite Identity - Business And Corruption

Iran and the Pro-Mullah Lobby's Arguments: Nothing But An Illusion

Iran's Suspect Deal in the Making: The Mullahs Devious Tactics Of Taqiyah (Obfuscation), Kitman (Dissimulation), And Istitar (Pulling A Curtain)

Publisher Who Defied Khomeini Remembered In London: The Sudden Death of Parviz Isfahani

Like Father, Like Son: Bashar Al-Assad, The Man ''Re-elected'' President Of Syria With 99.9 Percent Of The Vote June 2014

ISIS's Syrian Haven Safe From US Bombs—for Now

Putin, A Prisoner Of The Past: Having Read History The Wrong Way

Iran Is Not China And Obama Is Not Nixon: Obama's Appeasement Policy

Iran Must Confront Its Past To Move Forwards: Khomeini Has Become A Symbol Of What Went Wrong With Iran's Wayward Revolution

Iran's Press: The Blindfolded Racehorse - The Khomeinist Ideology, The Global Hezbollah Movement, Classical Anti-Americanism, Anti-Arab And Anti-Israeli Shibboleths, And Pipedreams

Saudi Arabia's Greatest Asset Is Stability: Riyadh Is Prepared To Assume A More Active Role In The International Arena

The Four Players in the Syrian Arena: Regardless Of The Rumors Kerry Is Spreading, Assad Has Not Won And The Struggle For A Free Syria Is Far From Over

Iran: A Tale of Two Poets -- Poets Moshfeq Kashani And Hashem Shaabani Received Very Different Treatment From The Authorities

Iran's Dangerous Game In Yemen: The Saudis Feed The Yemenis And The Iranians Arm Them

To Defeat ISIS, Save Syria: ISIS Is An Effect, Syria Is The Cause - In Other Words, It's Syria, Stupid!

Panetta Fails To Lift The Lid On Obama: And What If, Obama Secretly Believes That America...

The Struggle To Succeed Khamenei Has Already Begun: In Their Quest For Supreme Power, Rafsanjani And Mesbah-Yazdi

A War of Sectarians, Not a Sectarian War: Shirazi, Like Khamenei, Political Not Religious

Gaza And The Curse Of Half-Finished Wars: Why Did The War Break Out At This Time?

Barzani Flying a Kite: Sunni And Shi'ite, Sufi And "Ghulat" Gambit

No Cavalry to the Rescue: Any Commitment Of Iranian Troops Could Make Situation Worse

No Cavalry to the Rescue: Iraq, Iran and America In Real Life

The Mufti Who Is More Khomeinist Than A Mullah: Assad's Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun

An Upmarket Jimmy Carter: Repairing The Damage That Obama Is Doing Might Take Even Longer

When History Ignores a Turning Point: A Series Of Horrible Twists And Turns

Assad In The Footsteps Of The French: Only The Removal Of The Original Cause Of The Syrian War Could Bring It To An End

Obama, the Bomb and the Fatwa: The Bizarre Twist, Iran's Ayyatollah And One Barack

Venezuela And the "Curse of Oil"

A Living Symbol of the "Turkish Model"

Geneva II is Preparing for a Bloodbath in Syria

The "Supreme Guide" and "Unpardonable Sin"

Russia Seeks A Higher Profile In Sochi

Rouhani And his "American Boys": Ayatollas And The US Congress

Two Recipes for Two Constitutions: It Echoed The 19th-century Myth Of "An-Nahda"

Is Saddam's Ghost Making A Comeback? Maliki Burning His Bridges With The Sunni Community

Putin Vs. The Black Widows: The Federation's Various Muslim Communities Are Gaining

The US Is Talking To Iran, But About What? It May Lead To An Even Bigger Conflict In The Future

A Different Agenda Is Needed For Geneva II: Russia And Iran - Only Ready To Give Assad Money And Arms To Kill More Syrians

Back To The Great Game: Obama Specializes In Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

'Akbar Shah' Attempts To Repeat History: Whatever The Answer, That Strategy Is Doomed

The Devil Is In More Than The Details: Khomeinist anti-Americanism Only In A Cloak Of Flowery Rhetoric

Bush, Obama And Teddy's Big Stick: Obama walks like Gary Cooper in High Noon

Russia's Strategy Is Based On Fear And Fantasy: Putin's Narratives - Conspiracies

It's The UK Parliament's Perogative: Does The Vote Affect British - US Relations?

Obama And Putin's Danse Macabre: Obama Fixes "Red Lines" And Talks A Good Talk

Nasrallah's Dangerous Strategy: He Has Become Entangled In What Sadr Called "Diabolical Schemes"

Iran's Moment Of Truth: Rafsanjani And Mashaei Wished To Ignore The True Nature Of The Regime

Tehran Nervous As Election Process Starts: Iranian Sunni Muslims, Believed To Number Around 12 Million, Excluded

Elections? Yes, If I Like the Results: Mursi's Natural Modesty And Lack Of Charisma May Be Assets In This Exercise

Washington's Circular Argument On Iran And The Bomb

The "Cursed Three" and the "Supreme Leader"

Leaders Who Swim Against The Tide: One Wonders What Thatcher Might Have Thought Of That

The Art Of Turning Neighbors Into Enemies: The Khomeinist Regime Relations With Azerbaijan

Egypt: To Fail, Or Not To Fail? That Is The Question

Iran: A Clash of Religion and Nationalism

Iraq: How the Republic of Fear was Brought Down

Iraqis Have a Chance: What Will They Do With It?

The Mullah Who Could Melt A Snowstorm: Another Of The 200,000 Or So Mullahs Spread Across The Spectrum Of Iranian Life

Is China Ready For World Leadership? Failure To Pose The Problem Of The Uighurs Represents Another Fault-line

Hugo Chávez: The Man Who Turned The Light Of Hope On And Off

Old Elites Fighting Old Wars In Old Ways In Iraq

The Mullahs And The Ceausescu Syndrome: The Work Of Ahmadinejad's Faction

Could Behind The Scenes Diplomacy Help In Syria? The End Of The Tunnel More Of An Illusion

Syria: Is It Time For Military Intervention? The Question, In Syria, People Die

Iran Supreme Guide Calls On Mursi To Follow Khomeinist Political Model

Iran: Impossible Talks With The "Great Satan"

Iran: Old Revolutionaries Say Sorry - The Khomeinist Regime Has Also Led Itself Into A Closed Circle

Obama's First Term May Prove Good For The Middle East

Egypt: A Difficult Learning Curve - Trying To Surf To Power On A Wave Of "Street" Anger

Iran: Embracing The Bear At Last - Many Iranians Still Regard Russia With Suspicion

Iran's Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That The Khomeinist Regime In Tehran Poses

Iran: The "Fatwa" And Obama's Creative Diplomacy

Syria: Tragicomic Performance At Damascus Opera

The Crystal Ball And The Year Of Many Dangers

Arab Spring: Heading For Reactionary Backlash? 2013 A Measure Of Cautious Optimism

Iran: Grim Mood As Power Struggle Intensifies - The Khomeinist Regime Fundamental Contradictions

Egypt: The Dangers Of The Sulk-And-Retreat Strategy

Egypt: Could Mursi Become Another Khomeini? What Egypt Is Entering Is An "Islamist Winter"

Turkey: Fresh Hopes For A New Kurdish Policy

America And The Middle East: The Next Four Years: More Of Obama Era For The Region

Lebanon: Shi'ites Need A New Strategy - The Assad Regime Hezbollah Has Lost Circle

Iran: The President Who Woke Up At The Eleventh Hour

Following The US Election, Pay Attention To China!

Nasrallah And Yesterday's Hymn Sheet: Talk Of War, Harm Obama And Help Netanyahu

Syria And Obama's Five Excuses For Inaction: As Bashar al-Assad Continues To Kill Syrians At An Average Rate Of 100 A Day

A Week Of Disappointments For Tehran: Has The "Countdown" Started Only For Hezbollah?

Khatami And The Great Iranian Debate: Ahmadinejad - Tehran Train Has No Stop And No Rear-gear!

The Next Made In Tehran Moderate: Missing Ahmadinejad As Missing Banisadr, Rafsanjani And Khatami

Putin And Russia's Real Interests In Syria: Bad For Russia And Bad For International Peace And Stability

China: New Generation Leaders Ponder Global Role - Siding With Russia To Prolong The Bloodshed

Assad Is Preparing His Defence At The Hague: Assad Risks Finding Himself In Queer Company

Why Is Tehran Angry With Mursi? No Place For Opposition - Reflect Khamenei's Thinking

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